Rail Safety and Security

Identify risks, improve response, and protect critical infrastructure.

Protecting the World’s Longest Rail Tunnel
When it needed to manage incident and emergency response in the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the world’s longest and deepest rail tunnel, Swiss Federal Railways deployed Hexagon’s dispatching system as an essential part of its tunnel control system. With it, operators can schedule and mobilize intervention teams.

Rail and transit operators must ensure safety, while supporting efficient and profitable services. Minimizing response times to incidents maximizes the ability to contain problems, resulting in better outcomes and faster reinstatement of service.

Our safety and security solutions help passenger, freight, and network operators and police improve incident management, law enforcement, and security. By combining situational awareness, dispatching, records management, and analytics, we enable efficient monitoring, detection, assessment, and response throughout rail and transit networks.


Quicker Detection & Response

Converge real-time information and dynamic maps for optimal awareness and deploy the right resources to ensure safety and continuity of service.

Better Collaboration

Provide insight across teams, departments, and organizations for better collaboration and incident resolution.

Smarter Policing

With more complete information and role-based applications, equip police with the tools to ensure safety and security across extensive networks and property.

Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch
Industry-leading incident management software.
Intergraph Security
Rapidly and effectively detect, assess, and respond to threats.
Intergraph InPursuit WebRMS
Provide rapid and reliable access to information, whenever and wherever needed.
Intergraph Planning & Response
Manage the entire lifecycle of major incidents and events.
Intergraph InSight
Provide police, fire, emergency medical services, and dispatch centers with data visualization and analytics for evidence-based reporting, analysis, and decision making.
Every year, our systems protect more than five billion rail and transit passengers