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10 considerations before a technology upgrade

10 factors when upgrading technology

New sources for public safety funding have emerged. Read these 10 important factors to consider before making an upgrade.

HxGN Smart Advisor solution sheet

AI: A Critical Public Safety Tool

Discover how next-generation technology offers assistive insights for organizations seeking to build safer and smarter cities.

AI technology smart advisor

AI: Assistive AI for Public Safety

Watch Microsoft and Hexagon discuss how assistive AI helps public safety agencies decode complex emergencies as they unfold.

HxGN Smart Advisor infographic benefits of AI

AI: Helping Agencies at Every Level

Learn how assistive AI overcomes the challenges faced by public safety personnel, from the communications center to the field.

Alberta Health Services

Canada's largest provincewide, fully integrated health system deploys Hexagon's solution to address demand for timely reporting.

BlogAnglian Water Video Thumb

Anglian Water

See how an advanced GIS solution provided a single, modern IT environment for Anglian Water assets and geospatial data.

Anglian Water

U.K. water supplier implements Hexagon utility management solution to centralize data, integrate with other enterprise systems.

Are You Ready for Next Gen 911?

Read how NG911 requirements present not only new challenges for public safety agencies, but also transformative opportunities.

BlogHow can assistive Ai reduce the stress levels of PSAP personnel

Assistive AI Can Reduce Stress Levels

Jack Williams explains why PSAP personnel can have high levels of stress and how assistive AI can help.

assistive ai ebook real-time insights for next-level awareness

Assistive AI for public safety

Discover how solutions that leverage AI and machine learning can uncover relevant links that often precede complex emergencies.

BlogHow can assistive AI help public safety personnel outside of the call center?

Assistive AI Outside of the Call Center

Jack Williams explains how assistive AI can detect connections faster than traditional methods.

Basel-Stadt Cantonal Police

Swiss agency adopts Hexagon's major event management solution to ensure public safety before, during, and after UEFA soccer final.

Bavarian State Police

Agency bolsters decision-making by deploying Hexagon's computer-aided dispatch (CAD) with location-based data.

BlogBavarian State Police Video Thumb

Bavarian State Police

Learn how Hexagon solutions are helping Bavarian State Police unify dispatch and response across Bavaria, Germany.


Bavarian utility implements Hexagon's network model management solution to streamline data access, reduce costs.

BlogBayernwerk Video Thumb


Learn how Bayernwerk improved electric and gas network management with Hexagon's advanced GIS utility solutions.

Bell Canada

Canada's largest telecommunications provider chooses Hexagon solution to enhance information describing networks, connectivity.

BlogBell Canada Video Thumb

Bell Canada

Learn how deploying Hexagon's fiber optic management solution helped Bell Canada design and manage its fiber networks.

Bouches-du-Rhône Fire Brigade

French agency implements Hexagon solution to enhance firefighting and speed call-taking and dispatch via telephony interfaces.

BlogBurlington Hydro

Burlington Hydro’s GIS Keeps Lights On

Reid Cannata of Burlington Hydro explains how Hexagon quickly deployed the GIS-based solutions within a tight timeline.

BWI Airport

Busy airport deploys Hexagon technology to improve situational awareness and consolidate dispatching and service processing.


CAD System | HxGN OnCall Dispatch Demo

HxGN OnCall Dispatch delivers computer aided dispatch capabilities anywhere first responders need to go.


Indian power provider chooses Hexagon's map-based solution to help reduce customer downtime, scale network for future growth.

BlogCESC Video Thumb


Learn how CESC leverages a Hexagon GIS solution to reduce outage response times.

City of Newport News, Virginia

Virginia city connects live video feeds to dispatch workflows for more effective surveillance and multi-agency collaboration.

BlogCity of Newport News Video Thumb

City of Newport News, Virginia

Learn how a Virginia city uses real-time video to enhance public safety.


Citywide collaboration in the cloud

True collaboration is key to resilient cities, and leaders can champion innovation with collaborative workspaces in the cloud.

BlogBlack and white photo of a city with neon lights going through it

Collaboration with HxGN Connect

HxGN Connect brings together people and data to streamline communications during day-to-day operations or times of crisis.

Companhia de Electricidade de Macau

Chinese utility deploys Hexagon solution to increase network resiliency.

BlogDuPage County

DuPage County Public Safety

DuPage County describes DUCOMM's experience implementing Hexagon's computer-aided dispatch software.


British Columbia's E-Comm selects Hexagon’s public safety CAD solution to streamline emergency management and response.

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services

Fire department in Alberta, Canada, upgrades to Hexagon’s public safety CAD system, providing faster service and cost-savings.

BlogEl Paso County

El Paso County 911 District

El Paso’s dispatch leadership reflects on the August 2019 mass shooting and the role of Hexagon’s technology in the response.

El Paso Dispatch

El Paso County safeguards public with scalable dispatch capabilities

The El Paso County 911 District handles more than 1.1 million calls annually and supports 39 public safety agencies by sharing a common CAD system throughout the region.

Enersource Hydro Mississauga

Canadian power supplier chooses Hexagon solution to streamline operations and create an integrated operating model.

BlogEPB Video Thumb

EPB of Chattanooga

See how EPB Chattanooga created the fastest internet service around with help from Hexagon.

EPB of Chattanooga

Community-owned power distributor partners with Hexagon to build a fiber optic smart grid using advanced GIS software.

ESB Networks

Irish power provider contracts with Hexagon to implement a new advanced GIS solution to meet infrastructure and customer needs.

BlogESB Video Thumb

ESB Networks

See how Hexagon's utility GIS meets infrastructure, customer needs for Ireland’s electricity distribution system.



See how Hexagon's CAD solution serves as the critical link between first responders and 5.5 million people in Victoria, Australia.


Fanshawe College

See how Fanshawe College is using Hexagon solutions to prepare tomorrow’s first responders.

Telecom Networks

Full management of Telecom Networks

Discover how our integrated solutions may provide relevant improvements in all processes related to fiber management.

Group of Seven (G7) Summit

Hexagon solutions help coordinate planning and response efforts during summit of international importance.

BlogHalton Video Thumb

Halton Regional Police Service

See how Halton Regional Police Service improved field operations using Hexagon's field mobility solutions.

Halton Regional Police Service

Police force in Ontario deploys Hexagon’s mobile dispatch and response application to improve field operations and workflows.

HCR ManorCare

Leading provider of medical and rehabilitation care selects Hexagon for kiosk project aimed at improving patient care.

Firefighters fighting a fire

Hexagon dispatch solutions & FlowMSP

Hexagon’s Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division has partnered with FlowMSP to enable fire departments to better plan for and respond to incidents.

IT Services Brochure Thumb

Hexagon IT Services

Our award-winning support ensures quality healthcare outcomes while addressing ongoing information technology needs.

BlogYou need reliable access to patient data

Hexagon IT Services

Outsourcing your technology requirements to a team skilled in rapid problem-solving helps you focus on what you do best.

Hexagon Safe Cities

Discover how our Safe City Framework brings critical information, systems, and organizations together to solve future challenges.

city landscape digital connection

How AI Helps Connect the Dots

In an emergency, every second counts. With the right AI technology, agencies detect and respond to complex emergencies sooner.

Cloud Ready

How to Transform Your Agency with Data

Learn how data and technology can help you achieve digital transformation while moving to the cloud.

HxGN InService

Limit disruptions by enabling earlier detection via enhanced situational awareness, automation, and efficient use of field crews.

HxGN OnCall Analytics

HxGN OnCall Analytics

Transform raw data into usable reports and dashboards, so your agency can better allocate resources and improve operations.

BlogHxGN OnCall Deployment Options Video Thumb

HxGN OnCall Deployment Options

Discover how you can deploy Hexagon's next-generation incident management system.

BlogThe HxGN OnCall Difference Video Thumb

HxGN OnCall Difference

Learn how the portfolio not only improves incident response, but also ensures greater accuracy, efficiency, and transparency.

HxGN OnCall Dispatch

HxGN OnCall Dispatch

See how Hexagon’s latest computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system can decrease workloads and boost PSAP capacity.

HxGN OnCall Dispatch Advantage

HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Advantage

Improve collaboration and coordination between the PSAP, units, and field officers.

HxGN OnCall Dispatch Dashboard

HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Dashboard

View the overall status of units and events within a public safety service area with this real-time situational awareness tool.

BlogHxGN Oncall Smart Advisor Map

HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Smart Advisor

HxGN OnCall® Dispatch | Smart Advisor supports continual, autonomous assessment and gives users richer, actionable insights.

HxGN OnCall Dispatch Smart Advisor

HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Smart Advisor

See how Hexagon's assistive AI solution provides real-time critical insights to help fill operational blind spots.

HxGN OnCall Dispatch Viewer

HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Viewer

See how to extend access to live dispatch information and basic functions while taking pressure off PSAP staff.

BlogSmart Advisor Demo

HxGN OnCall Dispatch Smart Advisor Demo

HxGN OnCall Dispatch Smart Advisor is an automated dispatch tool that leverages assistive AI to help agencies uncover insights.

HxGN OnCall Field Mobility

HxGN OnCall Field Mobility Solutions

Enhance agency safety, performance, and productivity by connecting mobile users with dispatch and records management systems.


HxGN OnCall in the Cloud

Moving your PSAP to the Cloud? HxGN OnCall is easy to deploy, scalable, and now available in the cloud.

Managed service cloud cad dispatcher

HxGN OnCall Managed Service Offering

Learn the how a cloud deployment ensures exceptional security, resilience, sustainability, and lower total cost of ownership.

HxGN OnCall Planning & Response

Learn how this web-based suite integrating resources, procedures, and communications unifies all stages of operation.

HxGN OnCall Portfolio Overview

Discover how this portfolio helps public safety agencies of all sizes be more agile and resilient through modernized capabilities.

BlogHxGN OnCall Dispatch

HxGN OnCall Portfolio Overview

Explore our out-of-the-box solution spanning call-taking and dispatch, records, analytics, major event management, and mobility.

HxGN OnCall Records

Discover how this cloud-deployable RMS gives you access to comprehensive information whenever and wherever needed.

BlogHxGN OnCall Records Video Thumb

HxGN OnCall Records: Law Enforcement RMS

Discover how Hexagon’s cloud-deployable RMS can deliver more effective policing and reduce costs.

Security monitoring

HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian

A next-generation physical security information management solution for monitoring, managing, and responding to live incidents.

BlogHxGN OnCall UX VIdeo Thumb

HxGN OnCall: Behind the Scenes of the UX

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation and development of the HxGN OnCall portfolio.

HxGN OnCall: Foundation for Safer Cities

With the right tools and strategies in place, you can build a strong foundation for a safer city.

BlogPolice Chase

HxGN OnCall: Turn Chaos into Calm

Connect dispatch to the field, get personnel to the scene safely, and leverage a whole operational view for a complete response.

Hydro Ottawa

Utility with more than 300,000 customers deploys Hexagon’s outage management system to improve service.

Intergraph Computer Aided Dispatch

Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch

Learn about this incident management suite featuring integrated capabilities for calls, mapping, field comms, reporting, and more.

Intergraph G/Technology

Maintain a shareable source of reliable, location-based information describing a facility network and its connectivity.

Intergraph I/Security

This solution suite features physical security information management (PSIM), situational awareness, and decision support.

public safety field mobility dispatch

Intergraph Mobile for Public Safety

See how this extension of Hexagon's I/CAD software simplifies in-vehicle workflows and enhances situational awareness.

Public safety in the field mobile responder

Intergraph Mobile Responder

Learn how this handheld solution delivers convenience and increased efficiency by extending workflows outside the vehicle.

Intergraph NetWorks

Get secure, real-time access to location-based engineering and operational data across the enterprise.

Intergraph NetWorks Portal

Explore network model information and tools the whole business can use, even on the move.

Intergraph OnCall Dashboard

Intergraph OnCall Dashboard

Keep your control rooms and managers aware of current operations and developing trends without the cost of custom dashboards.

Intergraph Outage Notifications

Harness Hexagon's outage analysis and prediction capabilities to deliver information on outages faster and more efficiently.

BlogWorkers working on utilities on the road

Introducing HxGN® NetWorks Core | Mobile

HxGN NetWorks Core | Mobile connects the field with enterprise records, capabilities, and workflows.

CAD Cloud solution infographic

Is the Cloud in Your Future?

Answer the questions in our infographic to see which deployment method is right for you – customer-owned or managed service.

Isle of Man

Government implements Hexagon’s industry-leading computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solution to support agencies, reduce costs.

Kassel Fire Brigade

German fire brigade chooses Hexagon solution to help manage major events and overcome challenges.


Swiss emergency services implement Hexagon’s major event management solution to improve collaboration, manage the life cycle.

London Hydro

Canadian utility implements Hexagon’s outage management and interactive voice response solutions to boost customer satisfaction.

BlogMadhya Pradesh Video Thumb

Madhya Pradesh Police

See how Hexagon expanded an agency’s response capabilities through map-based views of calls, events, and field units.

Madhya Pradesh Police

Police force in the second-largest Indian state deploys Hexagon's suite of public safety software to improve services.

BlogMajor Community Event

Major Community Events with HxGN Connect

With HxGN Connect, there is an easy way for multiple public and private organizations to share intel while discussing operations.

Marin County Sheriff's Office

California sheriff’s office chooses Hexagon’s incident management system with mobile technologies to better serve multiple agencies.


German utility chooses Hexagon GIS solution to improve operations, support long-term planning, and enable smart grid capabilities.

BlogMobile County 911 Center Video Thumbnail

Mobile County 911 Center

Learn how a mobile command center equipped with Hexagon's industry-leading solutions encourages collaboration, quickens response.

Mobile County

Mobile County improves public safety with mobile PSAP

Mobile County’s Mobile Command Unit, with Hexagon’s CAD solution, is a self-contained PSAP that ensures emergency service continuity during population swells and natural disasters.

Moving Public Safety to the Cloud

By migrating critical systems to the cloud, make efficient use of resources and enable greater resilience for the future.

Moving Your PSAP to the Cloud

Ready to make the move to the cloud? Learn how Hexagon solutions can help you take the next step.

New Zealand Police

New Zealand Police chooses Hexagon’s easy-to-use mobile application to put real-time data into officers’ hands.

BlogNew Zealand Police Video Thumb

New Zealand Police

Learn how Hexagon's field mobility solutions helped New Zealand Police save 30 minutes per shift.

BlogNext Gen 9-1-1

NextGen 9-1-1 & CAD

Watch as Ed Camilleri and Rod Martinsen explain how NextGen 9-1-1 will integrate with computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems.

Office of Unified Communications (OUC)

Washington, D.C., agency deploys Hexagon solution to speed incident response.

BlogOffice of Unified Police Video Thumb

Office of Unified Communications (OUC)

See how Hexagon's incident management system improved operations.


Onondaga County Emergency Communications

Onondaga 911’s Kevin Spraker talks about the Hexagon technology his organization can’t live without.

BlogMulti Agencies

Our Customers Have a Voice

Our customers explain how Hexagon helps them achieve their goals.

BlogHow can public safety agencies overcome operational blind spots

Overcoming Operational Blind Spots

Jack Williams explains why most agencies have operational blind spots and how assistive AI can provide real-time insights.

PDAM Banjarmasih

Indonesian water provider chooses Hexagon's advanced GIS technology to analyze and maintain its asset data model.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

State agency uses Hexagon’s CAD to pinpoint call locations, reduce response times, and capture data for incident reporting.

BlogPublic Safety CAD

Public Safety CAD | HxGN OnCall Dispatch

HxGN OnCall Dispatch helps public safety agencies deliver better service during emergencies and major events.

Public Safety Training Course Catalog

U.S. public safety customers can attend sessions at Hexagon’s Huntsville, AL, headquarters, or request an instructor visit.


Resolve Situations with HxGN Connect

HxGN Connect brings different data and organizations together to resolve public safety situations faster.


Roadmap to Citywide Collaboration

Discover the roadmap to improve collaboration for day-to-day operations and emergencies.


Safe Cities: Better Together

Discover how Hexagon connects systems and operational intelligence, leading to sustainable solutions and accountable services.


Utility deploys Hexagon's GIS solution to reduce expenditures, streamline data and asset management, and integrate dispatch tools.

Snohomish Co. Public Utility District

Washington utility chooses advanced GIS solution from Hexagon to obtain timely data and create a single system of network records.

Sonoma Co. Public Safety Consortium

California agency implements an analytics, mapping, and reporting solution to track crime trends.

BlogSouth Sound 911 Video Thumb

South Sound 911

Learn how South Sound 911 collaborates with Hexagon to create safer communities and improve emergency response.

South Sound 911

Washington department uses Hexagon’s CAD system to improve the flow of information across 41 agencies.

South Tyrol Civil Protection Agency

Italian agency deploys Hexagon's incident management solution to improve response among multiple fire and rescue units.

Stadtwerke Bayreuth Energy & Water GmbH

Utility deploys Hexagon solution to integrate asset data management, improve network visualization, and meet reporting mandates.

State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazilian agency implements Hexagon solutions to support public safety and security activities during Olympic games.

Swiss Border Guard

Command support and incident management system from Hexagon enables Swiss agency to improve coordination, meet new demands.

HxGN OnCall Analytics

Technology & Public Safety Organizations

A research brief based on public safety professionals’ perspectives about how technology is shaping their roles and the industry.

BlogNewport News

The City of Newport News, Virginia

Listen to Eric Beach describe how Hexagon’s integration capabilities unlocked data flows to field units.

The Public Safety Force Multiplier: Data

Learn how HxGN OnCall, along with Microsoft Azure, brings the power of data to public safety agencies and other organizations.

Toronto Police Service

Agency serving 2.9 million people upgrades to Hexagon's CAD with mobile solution for quicker response, better incident management.

Traffic Engineering Company (CET)

CET deploys Hexagon’s leading computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solution to automate complex workflows, improve response times.

Technology & its use in public safety organizations

Transform Your Agency with Analytics

Learn how evidence-based insights can lead to decreased costs, improved efficiency, and greater public transparency.

BlogCameras over a highway

Transportation Systems with HxGN Connect

HxGN Connect is a cloud-based collaborative workspace that provides an intelligent operational view of a transportation system.

U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service

Agency implements Hexagon's enterprise records management system to improve criminal case management.

BlogUSMC Video Thumb

U.S. Marine Corps

See how the U.S. Marine Corps improved emergency response with Hexagon solutions.

U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command

U.S. military branch deploys a Hexagon solution to increase personnel effectiveness and reduce response times.

Uttar Pradesh Police

Hexagon solution helps Indian police force serve 220 million citizens and coordinate response efforts for multiple agencies.

BlogUttar Pradesh Video Thumb

Uttar Pradesh Police

Learn how Hexagon helped Uttar Pradesh police launch the largest emergency operation center in the world.


Virgin Media

Learn how Virgin Media deployed a Hexagon GIS solution to expand fiber-based services.

BlogWisconsin Video Thumb

Wisconsin Public Service

See how mobile technology helped Wisconsin Public Service speed power outage response times.

Wisconsin Public Service

Large utility deploys Hexagon's mobile outage management system, improving restoration times and streamlining operations.

Zurich City Police Thumbnail

Zurich City Police

Agency's selection of Hexagon solutions improves operations and event management through collaboration.


Zurich City Police

Learn how Zurich City Police leveraged Hexagon solutions to integrate more than 30 agencies.