Artificial Intelligence for Public Safety

Next-generation technology offers assistive, real-time insights for building safer, smarter cities

ai public safety solution

Once considered a futuristic science fiction concept, artificial intelligence (AI) plays critical roles in society and public safety today. A recent IDC report described AI as “inescapable,” and predicted 90% of new enterprise apps will have embedded AI by 2025.

AI is quickly emerging as a key technology for public safety agencies seeking to build safer, smarter communities. When integrated within a PSAP’s data-rich computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system, for example, AI and machine learning (ML) can help fill operational blind spots with assistive insights, helping avoid impacts from large, rapid on-set incidents. And because those insights are based on an organization’s data, it promotes confident decision-making.

Assistive AI for public safety, like in HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Smart Advisor, doesn’t automate decision-making, but instead, equips key personnel with additional relevant, real-time information. The right AI solution can be a critically assistive tool for agencies working to build safer, smarter cities today and for generations to come.

Hexagon is committed to ensuring ethical AI practices in our technologies. Read the statement.

Benefits of AI for public safety

Efficiency through streamlined workflows


Forecasting with evidence-based insights


Awareness through uncovered patterns and similarities


Staff well-being improvements


Transparency that builds public trust


Feedback from operational data


HxGN OnCall Dispatch

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HxGN OnCall Dispatch | Smart Advisor

Detect complex emergencies sooner with the help of Hexagon’s assistive AI.

e-book: AI for Public Safety

Discover how assistive AI detects emerging incidents sooner by making connections and filling operational blind spots.