Public Safety & Security

Increase public safety and security performance and productivity.

Case Study
Halton Regional Police Mobile App
Halton Regional Police Service Improves Field Operations and Workflows Using Mobile Application
To improve field operations and work-flow efficiencies, Halton Regional Police Service deployed a mobile dispatch and response application to connect its officers with real-time incident data and task-specific policing information.

Public safety and security organizations need to achieve and maintain high levels of service, while managing the expectations of citizens, the mandates of public officials and regulators, and the impacts of new forms of technology, including IP and mobile communications. However, legacy technologies, budget and staffing pressures, a lack of technical resources, and resistance to change create challenges for organizations.

The global leader in public safety and security solutions, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure can help. By improving the quality, accuracy, and availability of critical information, our integrated solutions increase public safety and security performance and productivity, while reducing the total cost of ownership for mission-critical IT investments.


Public Safety & Security

We have an extensive global reach, which provides an advantage to customers in terms of domain knowledge, lessons learned, and best practices. We are the market leader and the only truly global supplier.

Public Safety & Security

Our solutions are trusted to meet the needs of mission-critical public safety operations for more than 2,500 agencies in 28 countries.

Public Safety & Security

We have pioneered public safety and security innovation for more than 25 years. We are responsive to the changing needs of safety and security operations.

Police & Law Enforcement
Resolve incidents, reduce crime, and improve public safety.
Fire & Rescue
Respond quickly and effectively with the right resources.
Ambulance & EMS
Respond quickly and effectively, meet performance targets, and improve patient care.
Improve collaboration, efficiency, and public safety.
Critical Infrastructure Protection
Respond quickly and effectively to incidents and threats.
Major Events & Disaster Management
Coordinate, communicate, and adapt to rapidly changing events.