Operations for the Water Industry

Connect the enterprise to enhance data flows and better target resources.

Case Study
PDAM Banjarmasin Implements Water Utility GIS for Facility Management
Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum supplies drinking water to Banjarmasin, Indonesia. It uses Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s G/Technology to analyze and maintain its asset data model based on the daily maintenance operations within the organization.

We help water utilities improve asset condition, reliability, and safety by enabling them to maintain more current, consistent, and up-to-date assets records and widely apply the data to enhance operational and planning decisions.

Our streamlined tools for field operations improve the efficiency of field inspection and maintenance tasks, and also significantly reduce errors and latency in enterprise records, providing a more capable and reliable resource for analysis. Our customers employ a range of spatial analysis techniques to prioritize and direct operations and investments. Our web mapping automates plant protection, reducing the overheads of supporting check-before-you-dig requests and the chance of accidents and asset damage.

Connect Office and Field

Connect office and field to boost crew productivity, enhance organizational awareness, and reduce the errors and latency in enterprise records.

Inform Decisions

Visualize and analyze asset and operational data to effectively target budget and resources.

Protect Assets and Staff

Provide access to current reliable network records, internally and externally, to reduce accidents and damage to infrastructure.

Plant Protection
Every year, trenches are opened without full knowledge of existing infrastructure, resulting in damage, interrupted services, and even physical injury. We support streetworks coordination services with web-based solutions that provide visibility of existing infrastructure and planned works to public and private-sector organizations, significantly reducing infrastructure damage and accidents. As well as protecting network assets, these services also greatly reduce the time and expense operators face in responding to information requests.
Field Automation
Our field automation solutions connect engineers with the information and capabilities they need to work efficiently and effectively. By providing direct connection between office and field, they also improve the currency and accuracy of enterprise records and deliver enhanced operational insight across the business.

We have designed flexibility and interoperability into our mobile solutions, offering a range of client technologies enabling water utilities to deploy solutions that match the needs of different use cases and user groups. They include tablet and smartphone apps, web browsers, and laptop clients and the provision of web services, APIs, and functional components for integration with third-party products. This flexibility enables organizations to deploy solutions to meet their operational needs, as well as the skills and expectations of their staff.
Analysis and Reporting
We support a range of spatial visualization and analysis techniques that can be applied to infrastructure, operational, and environmental data to give enhanced insight into asset performance and risk.

These include simple map production of the network with each section of pipe color-coded based on its condition, or advanced capabilities, such as applying hotspot analysis to identify clusters in leakage data or incidents of flooding from sewers. Analysis can also be forward-looking, such as actively looking for conditions that present elevated levels of risk. For example, using spatial overlays to find where cast iron pipes have been laid in acidic soils, or where assets such as pumping stations or treatment plants are at risk from flooding. The techniques provide valuable insight that can inform decisions and actions – from prioritizing inspections to directing investment in renewals to improve asset performance.

Intergraph G/Technology
Plan, design, and document the network and apply information.
Intergraph NetWorks
Extend your Intergraph G/Technology capabilities and connect your enterprise to its network model.
Create, integrate, and analyze geospatial data to extract compelling intelligence and deliver actionable information.