Customer Relations

Satisfy customers and regulators

Case Study
Anglian Water Case Study
Anglian Water utiliza solução SIG para uma melhor gestão da sua rede de ativos  

Com a necessidade de gerir melhor os seus recursos hídricos e a sua infraestrutura, a Anglian Water implementou uma solução de gestão de rede para centralizar todos os dados dos seus ativos, com a possibilidade de a integrar com outros sistemas corporativos e de simplificar as operações em campo. 

Water utilities have a strong focus on customer service, and must perform to regulatory targets. We help water companies improve customer satisfaction through better asset management, faster reinstatement of service, and enhanced communications and interaction with their water provider.

By harnessing the network and operational records maintained by our GIS, water providers can streamline fault logging, equip call center staff with greater insight, deploy customer mobile apps, provide richer content to customer-facing websites and online services, and plan emergency water supplies.

Communicate Meaningfully

Show callers’ locations in the context of the network, existing tickets, and works to enable call center staff to give customers better feedback.

Offer More

Harness existing data to deliver customers richer and more valued information, from service interruptions to planned investments and environmental projects.

Streamline Workflow

View calls in the context of existing jobs to avoid opening duplicate tickets for problems already logged.

Customer Websites
Online information services and apps are playing an increasingly important role in helping utility providers enhance customer satisfaction. They are key to providing better user experience during service interruptions, helping to establish trust and developing better customer relations. Our solutions enable operators to publish rich data online and interact with their customers using the web and apps.

Through integration with operational systems, operators can publish broader and more valuable information. They can advise customers of service interruptions – from current operational views of unplanned outages to advanced information, such as dates, the areas affected, and reason for the works. Publishing service quality data, such as statistics and regulator scores and reports, helps develop trust.

This can be further enhanced by providing information on activities the company is undertaking in customers’ localities, such as how money is being invested to improve services in the area, environmental projects undertaken, community activities, and more. Electronic services can also simplify communication from customers, like offering location-enabled smartphone apps to give customers more immediate and practical ways to report issues.
Reporting Apps for the Public
Crowdsourcing provides a valuable, supplemental source of real-time intelligence on critical issues directly from the field, such as burst water mains or flooding from sewers. Mobile Alert engages members of the public to quickly capture and report details of situations as they find them using a simple and immediate smartphone app. The reports, which take seconds to submit, can include the location of incidents, descriptions, timestamps, and images.
Call Center Integration
Providing customer call center operators with access to map data from network engineering and operations can enhance customer experience and boost efficiency. By linking CRM systems to location data, companies can enable call-takers to identify a caller’s location and quickly check for active works or existing trouble tickets in the area.

Arming call-takers with this additional insight has dual benefits; it enables them to provide better information to the caller and, by linking the caller’s connection to existing tickets, it avoids raising duplicate tickets for the same event, which subsequently have to be resolved. This reduces overheads on both call-akers and field crews and makes follow-up communications with the caller easier and more reliable.

Intergraph G/Technology
Plan, design, and document the network and apply information.
Intergraph NetWorks
Extend your Intergraph G/Technology capabilities and connect your enterprise to its network model.
Mobile Alert
Simple, affordable, cloud-based crowdsourcing of location-based information on incidents and infrastructure.