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Building a Unified Front: Key Components of a Safe City Solution If a city wants to be safer, it must first build a unified front. Find out how diverse organizations can leverage safe city solutions to build frameworks and execute strategies.
Mobilizing First Responders with HxGN OnCall Waylon Kenning, product manager for HxGN OnCall field mobility solutions, examines the benefits of this new mobile solutions suite and how it connects emergency responders through mobile dispatch and records management systems – no matter where they are.
Transforming the PSAP with HxGN OnCall

Convinced that industry-leading technologies are only for agencies with the biggest budgets? Think again. HxGN OnCall enables PSAPs everywhere to leverage next-generation tech, regardless of size.

Three Approaches to Collaborative Public Safety

What are the real-world benefits of multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional collaboration? Read three examples of Hexagon public safety customers who realized big benefits.

HxGN OnCall Planning & Response: The Best Asset for Major Event Management Learn how HxGN OnCall Planning & Response helps public safety agencies effectively organize and utilize resources during major events for safe, efficient, and effective operations.
HxGN OnCall Analytics: A Complete Public Safety Analytics Suite Jack Williams, product manager for HxGN OnCall Analytics, discusses the benefits of this new public safety analytics suite and how it helps agencies adapt more easily to constantly-changing demands.
Answers to Your Questions about the Cloud [Q&A with Microsoft] While cloud technology isn’t new, many people still have several questions about it – especially when it comes to putting public safety data in the cloud. Check out this Q&A with Rick Zak of Microsoft to get answers to some of the most common cloud questions out there.
5G Networks: The Foundation for Safe Cities Learn how Hexagon solutions enable telcos to plan the communications infrastructure to support the networks needed for safe cities.
HxGN OnCall Records: Public Safety Records Management the Easy Way Gina Steadman, product manager for HxGN OnCall Records, details the benefits of this new records management solution and how it ensures agencies maintain control – even in rapidly changing situations.
HxGN OnCall Dispatch: The Next Evolution in Dispatch Systems Peter Crosbie, product manager for HxGN OnCall Dispatch, reviews the benefits of this new dispatch system and how its cutting-edge tools help agencies to quickly understand unfolding emergencies and take effective action.