Steven Cost Keynote Recap – IoP > IoT

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure President Steven Cost kicked off his HxGN LIVE 2018 keynote, “IoP > IoT,” by briefly recapping the topics from his 2017 keynote, “Safe Cities: From Concept to Reality.” Last year, Cost discussed how cities must move beyond a narrow approach to public safety to a more comprehensive approach; one that links together all city agencies and organizations with technology.

Building on this topic, Cost incorporated the 2018 conference theme, “The Change You Shape,” by introducing the concept of the Internet of People (IoP), which represents those men and women who deliver essential public services and the citizens who benefit from them.

Cost discussed that while connecting the Internet of Things (IoT) is certainly important, the IoT is really an enabler for safer cities, not the answer by itself. It’s people that make the difference. Creating safe cities isn’t just about connecting technologies; it’s about connecting the many stakeholders responsible for keeping cities safe. Cost then went on to talk about the connectedness of today’s technologies and the societal needs that have led to a digital transformation, which has many implications for cities’ abilities to deliver services and ensure safety. Cost challenged cities everywhere, stating that if you’re not working to build this Internet of People, then the future might be about to leave you behind, as it is quickly becoming a game-changer for cities everywhere.

Cost also revealed that what’s needed to create smarter, safer cities is a smart digital reality – one that is digital first and data driven, absolutely connected, and innately intelligent. To illustrate these concepts, Cost used customer examples, including Alberta Health Services, LAFIS, and Snohomish County PUD.

Toward the end of the keynote, Claudio Simao, Hexagon’s Chief Technology Officer, joined Cost on stage to talk about Hexagon’s new Xalt framework that will have the power to fast-track the ability of Hexagon customers’ to harness IoT data, ultimately accelerating their digital transformation journey.

There were a lot ideas and information shared in Steven Cost’s keynote. I highly encourage you to watch it in its entirety below.

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