Mobile apps for disconnected field work with Intergraph G/Technology.


GTViewer is an Android and iOS app for disconnected field work with Intergraph G/Technology data. It supports field viewing, redlining, and simple feature collection. GTViewer provides a more portable, easier-to-use, and lower cost alternative to laptops for simple field workflows.

GTViewer works alongside Intergraph G/Technology, Intergraph G/Technology MobileViewer, and Intergraph NetWorks to deliver comprehensive capabilities for office and field.


Disconnected Workflows

Support cached work in locations without viable network connectivity.

Lower Costs

Realize substantially lower capital and operational costs than laptop-based field solutions.

Greater Productivity

Deploy tailored data collection tools that leverage the familiarity, portability and capabilities of consumer mobile devices.


Review, Redline & Collection

Users can work offline on simple data collection or add sketches and annotations as redlines.

Display Pre-sets

Users can easily control map views with the ability to toggle display on and off for groups of feature classes.

Standard Navigation

Users can perform locates using standard map navigation, facility queries, bookmarking areas of interest, and GPS.


Similar to a web browser, GTViewer can take the user to saved or favorited locations in the data set.

Locate Queries

Users can find specific network features or assets and fit their location in the map display.

GPS Locate

If a mobile device has GPS capabilities, GTViewer can center the map view to the current location.

Data Capture Forms

Administrators can create data collection forms to leverage with any feature or point in the network’s map view.

App Context Switching

Users can launch GTViewer from other applications using a custom URL scheme.

Connected Server

GTViewer can wirelessly communicate with a web server to perform tasks remotely, then display and save the results locally.

Intergraph G/Technology

Plan, design, and document the network and apply information.

Intergraph G/Technology Fiber Optic Works

Enhance the complete life cycle of civil infrastructure and fiber network management.

Intergraph NetWorks

Extend your Intergraph G/Technology capabilities and connect your enterprise to its network model.