Connect and act on security events in real time with a next-gen PSIM solution

HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian is a suite of tools that integrates data from alarms, sensors, IoT and intrusion devices, and video data to provide unprecedented situational awareness for real-time event monitoring and response.

HxGN OnCall Security Guardian

HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian is a next-generation physical security information management (PSIM) solution for monitoring, managing, and responding to real-time incidents.

HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian can help:

  • Integrate data from disparate systems to provide unprecedented situational awareness
  • Reduce the lag time between threat identification and response
  • Centralize and coordinate physical security operations across geographically dispersed organizations
  • Go beyond basic alarm monitoring and retroactive forensic response

An integrated suite of tools, HxGN OnCall Security | Guardian offers one common operating picture for continuous, real-time assessment across all events, applies broader and more robust detection methods, and integrates with computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solutions for immediate response.



Product features