Mobile Alert

Simple, affordable, cloud-based crowdsourcing of location-based information on incidents and infrastructure.

Closeup of spray cans and city graffiti

Crowdsourcing provides a valuable supplemental source of real-time intelligence on issues, directly from the field. Hexagon’s Mobile Alert engages members of the public to quickly capture and report details of situations as they find them using a simple and immediate smartphone app. The reports can include the location of incidents, descriptions, timestamps, and images.

The solution could not be more simple to deploy. Hexagon provides a total cloud-hosted solution, including the hosting environment, processing logic, and downloadable application. Citizens simply download the app for iPhone via iTunes or for Android smartphones via Google Play.


Harness Crowdsourcing

Let citizens play an active role in their community and provide valuable and reliable geospatial insight into assets and incidents. 

Save Resources

Resource-thin local organizations can increase their reach and response with low risk and cost.

Leverage Ready-to-Run Capabilities

No IT requirement for this cloud-based solution, freeing organizations to concentrate on their business, not technology.