Agriculture & Forestry

Manage agricultural, forestry, and fisheries rights, policies, and activities.

Case Study
West Bengal Fisheries
West Bengal Department of Fisheries Maps Fishing Infrastructure
Needing to identify ownership and define bodies of water for pisciculture planning and uses, the West Bengal Department of Fisheries implemented a satellite imagery processing and unified spatial data solution to create a detailed inventory of water assets and map fishing infrastructure.

We have extensive experience delivering solutions for managing agricultural, forestry, and fisheries rights, policies, and activities. These include managing publicly owned resources, facilitating the administration of payments and subsidies, and actively monitoring and protecting against illegal and damaging activities.

In addition, Hexagon Agriculture combines experience and capabilities from across Hexagon businesses to offer advanced, end-to-end solutions that improve the planning, optimization, management, and automation of agricultural production.


Simplify Operations

Streamline and automate key processes, such as validating eligible land and processing grant applications quickly and efficiently.

Optimize Resources

Plan operations and optimize logistics, such as travel routes within forestry areas, reducing the overall cost and maximizing transportation utilization.

Preserve Natural Resources

Efficiently monitor and enforce laws created to protect natural resources, such as national waters from pollution or overfishing.

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Our proven solutions enable the operation of agricultural payment programs – including the creation of cadasters and deployment of farmland registration systems – through easy-to-use web technologies. Our systems make reporting of usage, condition, and boundaries for the purpose of grant applications simple and compliant for both the applicant and the granting agency. By harnessing satellite imagery, our software also helps agencies quickly create up-to-date data over large geographical areas.


Our GIS and remote sensing solutions support core forestry functions – from recording ownership to monitoring health and logistics. Our solutions compile, manage, and distribute a digital routable dataset of forest road and track networks to reduce the distance travelled within the forest area and the number of trucks running at less than capacity. They enhance protection of environmentally sensitive zones and recreation areas, and enable data sharing with additional organizations and functions, such as emergency services and disaster management agencies.


Exclusive economic zones impose statutory controls over national waters and define who, where, and what fishing is allowed. As fisheries come under increasing pressures from overfishing, illegal fishing, and pollution, governments are looking to geospatial technology to help protect marine environments and their resources. Our GIS and remote sensing capabilities can rapidly map the extensive areas involved to establish baselines and provide wide-area surveillance to monitor, detect, report, respond to, and prosecute pollution incidents and illegal activities.

Create, integrate, and analyze geospatial data to extract compelling intelligence and deliver actionable information.
GeoMedia Smart Client
Easily deploy highly focused, map-based workflows to the office or the field via the web.
World’s leading remote sensing platform.