Uttar Pradesh Police Manage India’s Largest Response System with Integrated Public Safety Solution

To better serve its 220 million citizens and respond to 100,000 daily calls, Uttar Pradesh Police deployed Hexagon's integrated public safety software to centralize dispatch operations and coordinate response efforts for multiple agencies.

The Challenge

Uttar Pradesh Police is the largest police force in India and among the largest in the world, with 250,000 officers in 75 districts. The organization serves a population of more than 220 million people spread across 243,000 square kilometers.

With no standardized, coordinated incident management system in place to ensure timely response, Uttar Pradesh Police set out to revolutionize public safety services with UP 100, a comprehensive response system that could serve the needs of the entire state. To support this project, the police needed a scalable and reliable incident management system – one that was already proven in the field by a large number of agencies and users.

The Solution

For the UP 100 project, Uttar Pradesh Police selected the industry-leading computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system from Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division to enhance incident management and centralize emergency response into one operations center.

With 250 call-takers and 150 dispatchers and thousands of officers in the field, the UP 100 Emergency Operation Center relies on Hexagon’s advanced call-handling and dispatching capabilities to manage 100,000 calls per day via its emergency hotline services.

In addition to core call-taking and dispatching capabilities, Hexagon deployed its powerful mobile app, which provides mobile dispatching functionality on smartphones and tablets to district supervisors and field officers. Hexagon also developed other solutions, such as patrol management and citizen mobile applications.

With Hexagon’s suite of public safety solutions in place, urban areas are experiencing 3-5 minute response times. Rural areas are benefiting the most, where response times have been cut in half.

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We believe what we have done here is worth a look for any police organization that wants to upgrade its own operations.
- Anil Agarwal Additional Director General of Police Uttar Pradesh Police