Operations & Maintenance

Identify, prioritize, assign, and execute field tasks.

Case Study
Westnetz GmbH Uses Cloud-Based GIS to Map Germany
Wanting to organize, centralize, map, and manage all of its geospatial data, Westnetz GmbH (part of RWE AG) deployed a cloud-based GIS to support and service multiple end-users with secure, on-demand data that could be consumed on low bandwidth or offline networks.

Our field mobility solutions provide essential tools for operations and maintenance functions. Quickly connecting crews with accurate and reliable information on jobs and assets boosts productivity and safety, while enabling bidirectional communication provides operational insight and enhances the accuracy, completeness, and currency of enterprise records.

We support a range of interfaces, from toughbooks to consumer tablets and smartphones, enabling tools to match each task and target user group. As well as supporting crews, we also provide supervisory and analytical capabilities to dispatch jobs and track progress, analytical tools for operational insight, and task-oriented workflows to manage specific tasks, such as vegetation management and damage inspection.


Simplify Operations

Connect office and field, removing redundant and duplicative processes for greater efficiency, data quality, and currency.

Connect Office & Field

Harness mobile and web clients to give field crews direct access to the same live data visible in the operations center.

Protect Staff & Assets

Provide access to definitive network records via web and mobile to significantly reduce infrastructure damage and accidents.

Explore Solution Capabilities

Field Automation

As two-thirds of a typical utility’s workforce is field based, it’s no surprise that enterprise mobility solutions can deliver significant savings. Mobility plays a critical role in raising data quality and currency, enhancing customer satisfaction, improving worker safety, reducing cost, and providing protection for third-party liability.

One common barrier to broader adoption is the ease with which mobile technologies can be made to fit an organization’s work processes, its existing information and communications technology landscape, and the needs of its users in the field. Rather than forcing businesses to fit around the technology, we have built field automation technologies that offer flexibility. Mobile clients cover tablet and smartphone apps, web browsers, and applications for laptops, while open web services, functional components, and software APIs enable the development of capabilities work with third-party products.

This flexibility enables organizations to tailor solutions to meet their operational needs, as well as the skills and expectations of the users.

Network Access Management

Every operator requires an effective tool to plan and coordinate access to the network. This is essential for crew safety and efficient operation; managers and crews must work with a common understanding of clear, current, and validated plans. Access often needs to be extended to include service delivery partners and contractors. Our GeoMedia Smart Client solution is a web-based tool that is used to create task-oriented, workflow-driven applications that leverage location-based information. It enables organizations to utilize online tools to manage complex processes, including coordination of tasks across multiple user groups and work stages – factors that are critical requirements for network access management.

Damage Assessment

Automating damage assessment activities can significantly improve response to an emergency. Field reports for preliminary damage assessment provide a better picture of the damage that helps identify and prioritize storm-affected areas, determine initial staffing levels, and calculate potential storm duration. Performed once the restoration is underway, comprehensive damage assessment can keep crews focused on the critical infrastructure repairs that restore power to customers as quickly as possible.

Optimizing storm management through the integration of damage assessment into the outage management process, and leveraging technology such as distribution automation devices and smart meters can decrease utility restoration time, increase customer satisfaction, and transform the chaos of a large storm into a planned activity.

Vegetation Management

Left unmanaged, vegetation can cause avoidable outages, both from growth within the right-of-way or trees falling onto a network from outside the right-of-way. Our solution supports the entire cycle – survey and assessment, work planning, task assignment, execution, and verification – and can accommodate multi-purpose inspections, including facility conditions, maintenance, and map corrections.

Plant Protection

Every year, trenches are opened by crews without full knowledge of existing infrastructure resulting in damage, interrupted services, and physical injury. We support streetworks coordination services with web-based solutions that provide visibility of existing infrastructure and planned works to public and private sector organizations, significantly reducing infrastructure damage and accidents.

Enterprise Data Access

We provide comprehensive tools for maximizing access to enterprise data. Our technology helps overcome common challenges, such as supporting diverse software environments, enabling efficient management, and fast streaming of massive data sets like aerial photography or LiDAR. Our solutions support rapid data discovery and access, provide secure access across departments and to service delivery partners, and support use on diverse platforms.

If we can use technology to get electricity back on and restored quicker, customers are happier. Mobile computing is going to allow us to do that, and that is what our customers want.
Dale Klimek
Distribution Operation Supervisor, Wisconsin Public Service
Intergraph Damage Assessment
Optimize restoration using current data.
Intergraph NetWorks
Extend your Intergraph G/Technology capabilities and connect your enterprise to its network model.

TasNetworks implements GIS-based solution to streamline project workflows, workforce management, project forecasting, and reporting.