Field Automation

Connect enterprise systems to the field.

Case Study
EPB Designs Smart Grid and Fiber Optic Network Using GIS
Needing to connect sensors and devices for smart grid capabilities, EPB implemented a fiber optic network design and engineering solution to build a fiber optic network, reduce outage time, and offer fiber-based communications services.

Our field automation solutions deliver the information and capabilities engineers need to work more efficiently and effectively. By connecting the office and field, they also increase the currency and accuracy of enterprise records and deliver increased operational insight across the business.

We have designed flexibility and interoperability into our mobile software. We offer a range of client technologies to match the needs of different use cases. This includes tablet and smartphone apps, web browsers, and laptop clients and the provision of web services, APIs, and functional components for integration with third-party products. This flexibility enables organizations to deploy solutions to meet their operational needs, as well as the skills and expectations of their staff.


Enhance Productivity

Equip engineers with the right tools and data for each task and enable reliable data to be returned directly from the field. 

Improve Data Quality

Remove duplicative processes and apply integral validation at the time of capture to deliver records that are more accurate and complete. 

Accelerate Information Flows

Remove redundant and disconnected processes to reduce latency in enterprise records. 

Explore Solution Capabilities

Tablets & Smartphone Apps

Our Intergraph NetWorks suite enables field automation with tablet and smartphone clients. Consumer devices can offer advantages over specialized hardware for particular roles. These include rapid, low-cost deployment and ready acceptance by field crews. Our solution comprises administration tools that establish the service and configure client data and workflows, app and browser-based field clients, and a supervisory function to assign and validate work. The client application can also be deployed independently of the administration environment.

Construction & Deployment

Key workflows, such as construction and deployment, can be enhanced by providing engineers better capabilities and information in the field and by improving communication between office and field. For example, our solution enables planners to generate bills of material and designs to issue to contractors for reliable quotes. It also supports field execution by providing engineers detailed, accurate site information and the means to update records on completion of work.

As well as improving data quality, replacing paper-based processes also expedites data flows and enables new capabilities, such as progress tracking. By monitoring status on large projects, operators can identify connections that can be offered to customers before the entire project is completed. In addition to supporting good project management, progress tracking can also help improve return on investment by enabling new build to generate revenue sooner.

Plant Protection

Every year, trenches are opened without full knowledge of existing infrastructure resulting in damage, interrupted services, and even physical injury. We support streetworks coordination services with web-based solutions that provide visibility of existing infrastructure and planned works to public and private sector organizations, significantly reducing infrastructure damage and accidents. As well as protecting network assets, these services also greatly reduce the time and expense operators face in responding to information requests.

Intergraph G/Technology
Plan, design, and document the network and apply information.
Intergraph NetWorks
Extend your Intergraph G/Technology capabilities and connect your enterprise to its network model.
Wisconsin Public Service
Wisconsin Public Service uses mobile-enabled outage management system to streamline dispatch operations, reduce radio traffic, and improve restoration times.