Bavarian Police Unify Command Center Operations

Needing to unify statewide command and control operations, the Bavarian State Police implemented a computer-aided dispatch solution, supporting officers with location-based incident data for better decision-making and situational awareness.


The Challenge

The Free State of Bavaria is Germany’s second largest state, yet boasts the country’s lowest crime rates. The agency responsible for that achievement is Bavarian State Police.

Bavarian State Police ensures the safety of more than 12.5 million citizens. Amid operational reorganization, Bavarian State Police needed a new dispatch and incident management solution that would unify its command center operations statewide. The solution also needed to connect local police stations with the command centers and support officers in the field with location-based incident information for better situational awareness.

The Solution

Bavarian State Police selected Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure to help it achieve more efficient and effective policing through an integrated solution – one that enabled greater flexibility and resilience through a single, virtual system deployed across many sites.

Built on the industry-leading Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) platform and other technologies, the integrated solution supports Bavarian State Police’s entire dispatch and emergency response operation with powerful location-based incident awareness.

This includes the interfacing of digital radio systems and emergency command call features. Officers can push a button on their radios, which transmit voice and location data to the command centers, creating an incident in I/CAD automatically.

The solution also includes remote dispatching capabilities. I/NetDispatcher allows the agency and local police stations to dispatch, manage, and update various incident types from a web-based interface. Currently, the Bavarian State Police has 280 local police stations with up to 3,000 I/NetDispatcher concurrent users statewide, and potentially more than 30,000 users are authorized for access.

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