Zurich City Police Protects Citizens with Integrated Public Safety Solutions

Responding to 160,000 emergency calls per year and nearly 60,000 incidents, Zurich City Police requires integrated, state-of-the-art technology to manage response times and effectively protect citizens and visitors.

The Challenge

As the police force for the largest city in Switzerland, Zurich City Police works to ensure the safety and security of more than 400,000 citizens. Additionally, the city hosts multiple major events per year, attracting sometimes millions of attendees each. The agency must prepare for and respond to a variety of threats by using available resources as effectively as possible.

The Solution

To optimize processes and procedures over the last decade, Zurich City Police has continued to integrate Hexagon public safety solutions for a technologically advanced police force. Initially, Zurich City Police implemented Hexagon’s computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solution to overhaul its control room. After much success with the new system, they sought more ways to improve, including deploying mobility and major event management solutions in collaboration with almost 40 other agencies.

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In Zurich, we work in a very dynamic environment, a vibrant city with all its benefits, downsides and challenges for the police force. To meet those challenges, we must use our resources as effectively as possible. Utilizing the support provided by digital technology is an obvious solution.
- Andreas Moschin Lieutenant Colonel Zurich City Police