I/CAD Call Handling & Dispatching

Enhance the speed and efficiency of call handling and dispatching.

ICAD Call Handling and Dispatching

With I/CAD, call-takers, dispatchers, and supervisors benefit from streamlined tools to field calls, create and update events, and manage resources in real time from a single interface. Users can dispatch services more effectively, monitor events and personnel more comprehensively, and empower responders with better and more accurate information. Our software enhances the speed and efficiency of call handling and dispatching.


Dynamic Information

Receive real-time, critical information from multiple sources and send to multiple field resources.

Smarter Workflows

Automate key functions for call, event, and resource management for quicker response.

Location Intelligence

Visualize calls, events, and resources for better situational awareness.

Products & Capabilities


With a service area of two million people, E-Comm needed a comprehensive computer-aided dispatch solution to support its growing call volume with mobile and web capabilities.

Bavarian State Police

Bavarian State Police use computer-aided dispatch to unify statewide command center operations and support first responders with location-based incident data.

Calgary 911

Calgary 911 uses computer-aided dispatch system to consolidate operations, streamline dispatch workflows, and better serve multiple response agencies.