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How Hydro Ottawa Uses Intergraph G/Technology Fiber Optic Works to Manage Its Smart Grid

Discover how Hydro Ottawa uses Intergraph G/Technology Fiber Optic Works to maintain a definitive source of reliable, location-based information describing the company's utility network and its connectivity.

Hydro Ottawa Reduces Costs, Maximizes Control with Owned Fiber Lines

In 2016, Hydro Ottawa implemented Intergraph G/Technology Fiber Optics Works to help manage its newly installed telecom network across the enterprise. In this post, Pam Bernier discusses how Hydro Ottawa leverages Hexagon's fiber network management solution as well as the recent article featuring its achievements.

How to Advance Your Utilities Mobile Workforce Management

A big challenge facing many utility companies is mobile workforce management. In this post, Pam Bernier discusses the industry topics and office-to-field solutions that were covered in our recent webinar with Clevest.

Fiber Network Management for an Advancing Community

In this post, Kelsey Ryon discusses the fiber optic network adoption trends, technical challenges, and Hexagon solutions that were highlighted in our recent webinar with Fiber Broadband Association.

Getting Utility Field Crews to the Right Place at the Right Time

In this post, Kelsey Ryon discusses the benefits of Clevest’s Enterprise Scheduling solution and other topics we will cover in an upcoming webinar.

Innovative Ways of Working: Digital Twins in the U.K. Water Industry

In this post, industry expert Richard Goodman discusses how U.K. water utilities can use digital twin technologies, system thinking, and innovations from other industries to better manage infrastructure assets.

Innovative Ways of Working: Applying System Thinking Across Infrastructure and Non-Infrastructure Domains

Improving customer service and lowering total expenditures are driving U.K. water utilities to move from non-intelligent asset registers to creating a digital twin for entire asset databases. In this post, industry expert Keston Morris discusses how water utilities can apply system thinking and other innovative approaches to work across domains.

Clevest Partnership Brings New Opportunities to Hexagon’s Utility and Telecommunication Customers

Hexagon and Clevest have partnered to offer robust workforce automation products alongside Hexagon’s utility GIS and outage management systems. In this post, Pam Bernier discusses the benefits and advantages this strategic partnership brings to our customers.

Enabling Smarter Operational Resilience: What U.K. Water Utilities Can Learn from Other Sectors

Learning from other sectors has been a common theme in recent discussions across the U.K. water industry. In this post, Keston Morris discusses the benefits water utility companies could reap by adopting incident command practices used by public safety agencies to manage major incidents and events.

Intergraph NetWorks Webinar Series Recap

Recently, we finished a webinar series discussing and exploring many aspects of Intergraph NetWorks. Watch all of our webinars in this blog post and discover how Intergraph NetWorks can get everyone in your organization on the same page.