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Introducing HxGN OnCall: The Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Public Safety Solutions Safety & Infrastructure President Steven Cost announces HxGN OnCall, our brand-new, next-generation portfolio of public safety solutions for agencies of all sizes.
The Potential of Safe Cities

In his latest post, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure's President Steven Cost discusses how the shape of potential aligns with the strategic and technical promise of our Safe Cities Framework.

Shaping Smart Change for Essential Services

In the industries we serve, location is key. From tramlines to power lines to the front lines of public safety around the world, our technologies are in the right place at the right time with the right information. In this blog post, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure President Steven Cost discusses what it means to shape smart change for essential services.

Progress Is Impossible Without Change

After five years as a Hexagon brand, I am pleased to announce that Intergraph SG&I is undergoing an exciting change. We are changing our name. From this day forward, we will be known as Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.

Creating Safer Cities Around the Globe: HxGN LIVE in Hong Kong

As the president of Intergraph SG&I, I am proud to be a part of the HxGN LIVE conference as it comes to one of the world’s most dynamic cities this November – Hong Kong. Drawing on the ‘Lion Rock Spirit’ of Hong Kong residents, we are working hard to create an exceptional experience for our customers.

Connecting with Change: The Other Side of the Coin

Cloud, mobile and data analysis come together in Intergraph SG&I’s inPURSUIT WebRMS, which we are featuring during HxGN LIVE 2015.