Extending Network Data Across the Utility Enterprise with Intergraph NetWorks

With flexible, accessible, and robust out-of-the-box capabilities, Intergraph NetWorks has received a lot of attention.

Whether used by senior management or field crews, Intergraph NetWorks offers access to a wealth of data across the utilities and communications enterprise. Users can make updates, add engineering and operational data, and share it across multiple systems seamlessly, which improves decision-making.

In preparation for our upcoming webinar, let’s look at Intergraph NetWorks and its capabilities.

Product Suite
The base of Intergraph NetWorks is made up of two components: Intergraph NetWorks Foundation and Intergraph NetWorks Portal. Intergraph NetWorks Foundation establishes standards-based web services that enable the widest range of users and software to access, visualize, update, and add network data. Intergraph NetWorks Portal configures and deploys websites that combine definitive engineering and operational information with rich capabilities to search, visualize, analyze, update, and add network data.

Extends Reach
With wider enterprise access to a definitive single source of current and reliable data, overall organizational awareness is greatly improved. Portal users can see detailed and schematic views, traverse complex feature relationship, navigate to linked information, and trace the asset network. Its web services also enable third-party software to directly access and interact with data – even update records – offering a simple and flexible method of integrating network information across the business.

Facilitates Business Needs
With Intergraph NetWorks Portal, users are delivered richer information from the Intergraph G/Technology network model and other (internal and external) sources within a unified map display, which empowers users with far more information – all in one place. This helps a user make better decisions and adapt more easily when developing and maintaining interfaces.

Improves Efficiency and Reduces IT Costs
By enabling more users, workflows, and systems across the enterprise to interact with network information directly from its source, Intergraph NetWorks helps remove redundant and disconnected processes. It reduces the overheads, delay, errors, and costs that arise from transcribing records, maintaining duplicate information, resolving conflicts, and aggregating information across systems. Through its use of loosely coupled, web services-based integration and configurable web and mobile apps, Intergraph NetWorks reduces the time and cost for developing, deploying, and maintaining interfaces, integrations, and location-based capabilities.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Intergraph NetWorks can extend the reach of your network data, deliver richer information to end users, and improve productivity, you should join us for an upcoming webinar on October 18. During the webinar, we’ll discuss Intergraph NetWorks capabilities and benefits as well as present a live demo.

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About Kelsey Ryon

Kelsey Ryon is a senior marketing specialist for Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Utilities, Communications, and Transportation business unit in the U.S. Ryon has more than eight years of experience in the utilities industry including energy, water, transmission, and distribution - gaining valuable insights into the global businesses. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Athens State University.