City of Edmonton Takes Top Spot on Canada’s Open Cities Index

Edmonton skyline.

For the second year in a row, the City of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, has taken the Open Data Exchange top spot for its use of open data to encourage the development of transparent and accountable government. The city was among 20 other Canadian cities ranked in this year’s list, which is compiled as a partnership between the Public Sector Digest and Canada’s Open Data Exchange.

As a long-time technology partner of Edmonton, we’ve known that the city has a very forward-thinking approach to the data it collects and uses. We’ve seen first-hand how departments across the city use multiple municipally-available geospatial data sources to improve roadway safety as well as incident management and response.  So it comes as no surprise to the Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure team that the City of Edmonton would be a leader in the Open Cities Index.

To top the list, Edmonton scored 98 percent for its open data program, with particular strengths in the Readiness and Impact categories. Open Data Exchange also recognized the city for staging regular open data hackathons for local start-ups, adopting official open data plans and policies, and publishing freely available, automated datasets online. The datasets address Edmonton’s approach to budgets, election data, construction contracts, air quality and crime statistics, among other things.

I would like to say, “congratulations” to the City of Edmonton for being recognized for its approach to keeping municipal data open and accessible. And for setting the standard on municipal government transparency and accountability. Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure is proud to call Edmonton our partner. We look forward to helping the city with its geopspatial data and incident management needs in the future.

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