HxGN LIVE Sneak Peek: InService Updates, Training, and Deep Dives

HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, Nevada, is less than three months away. If you haven’t heard, the HxGN LIVE conference is great training and professional growth opportunity. It’s also an amazing way to connect with industry experts, connect with your peers from around the world, and connect with us.

Here’s another sneak peek of Intergraph’s Smart Infrastructure sessions.

InService Product Update: What's Next?

Preview the exciting enhancements planned for Intergraph's InService software suite! In this session, you'll learn about new functionality and updates that will help you be more productive in your daily operations. Get a look at our improved user experience and administration for advanced metering infrastructure, schematics, tracing, and SCADA. You’ll also explore the benefits of advanced distribution management systems integration using a common information model (CIM)-standard interface for non-telemetered data exchange. Get ready to take advantage of all InService has to offer!

Tips & Tricks: Get Ready to Upgrade Your InService System

Don’t miss out on the new features available in InService 9.2 and 9.3! This session will feature a technical discussion on the changes we’ve made to the architecture platform and details on how to upgrade to the current version. You’ll hear stories from peers who have upgraded, get answers to your questions, and learn from their challenges and successes.

Deeper Dive: Enhance the InService Map with Dynamic Map Symbology

Did you know you can add custom map symbology to the InService map in version 9.2 and higher? In this session, the instructor will show you how to use the entity framework, notifications, and subscriptions to make your map dynamically change based on information you choose, such as supplement event data. Learn how to customize your map in ways never before possible!

Ask the Experts: Quiz the InService Wizards

Get even more value from your InService software. In this popular session, our InService wizards will share their tips and tricks on smart solutions that will help you be even more productive. Come prepared with all your pressing InService questions!

Technical Training: Make the Most of Your WPF Monitors

The ability to modify the InService user interface is an integral part of administration and upgrades to an InService system. In this session, the instructor will use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to teach you how to modify the new InService WPF Monitors, such as the Job and Crew Monitors. This is a deep-dive session for new or experienced administrators interested in gaining more value from the capabilities of WPF monitors.

Deeper Dive: Make the Most of MobileTC Forms

The ability to modify the forms in MobileTC is essential to the administration and use by field crews of an InService system. In this session, the instructor will teach you how to modify the MobileTC forms, including how to use I/Informer to interact with external systems. This session is a deep dive for new or experienced system administrators who are interested in learning how to make the most of MobileTC capabilities.

If you’re interested in learning more about our HXGN LIVE conference sessions, visit our sessions page.

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