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Thinking About the Next, Next Big Thing for Mobile Workforce

For many years, utility software vendors have been providing solutions to automate field workers’ tasks. But with smart devices and the development of commercial apps for Apple, Android, and Windows becoming commonplace, what are some of the things that utility technology vendors should be working as the next, next big thing for mobile workforce management? Learn more in this post.

Meet the 2016 Icon Award Winners

Every year during HxGN LIVE, we present a select group of customers with Icon Awards for their vision and innovation in using our software to significantly benefit their citizens, customers, and communities. Learn more about this year's Icon recipients and watch their stories.

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Global Hackathon Competition Goes to HxGN LIVE

Today at HxGN LIVE, five teams from around the world are competing in the final round of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Global Hackathon. The teams are presenting cutting-edge solutions to a panel of guest judges from Microsoft, HP, and Hexagon. Discover how we are leveraging company-wide hackathons to foster innovation as well as when we are announcing our hackathon winner.

Asian Utilities & Communications Business Unit Builds Win-win Collaboration with Huawei Technologies

Recently, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Asian utilities and communications business received a regional partner award from Huawei Technologies during their Southern Pacific Telco IT Industry Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Discover more about our growing utilities and communications partnership with Huawei Technologies.

Listen to Our Utilities, Communications, and Transportation Customers Tell Their Story at HxGN LIVE

Every year, we hear great feedback about our Customer Spotlight sessions from HxGN LIVE attendees. Where The Zone provides expert-guided demos of our solutions, our Customer Spotlight sessions deliver examples of how our solutions are solving challenges in the real world. Here’s a look at our Smart Infrastructure Customer Spotlight sessions for HxGN LIVE.

Becoming More Resilient to Emergency Events

In this post, we highlight lessons learn from a panel discussion between officials with the City of Toronto and the city’s utility provider, Toronto Hydro. The panel was part of the Conference Board of Canada’s recent Resilience Conference. On May 17, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure will be guest hosting a webcast with the Conference Board of Canada that talks about the importance of planning and training in emergency management, as well as solutions that allow organizations, governments, and companies to better prepare for and respond to emergencies.

What Motivates Our Customers Emergency Management Planning

During an emergency event, things happen fast and decisions need to be made quickly with a timely response to all parties involved. Ensuring decisions are made quickly and effectively communicated involves a lot of planning and collaboration between decision makers. So how do organizations prioritize their emergency planning needs? Here are our customers' biggest concerns when managing an emergency event.

How Intergraph Planning & Response Can Help Multiple Industries During Unplanned Events

Earthquakes. Severe weather events. Industrial accidents. Acts of terrorism. The truth is that many agencies and organizations are still using paper-based SOPs and/or spreadsheets for response and management of unplanned events. Through the lens of using planning and response technology, discover how Intergraph Planning & Response (IPR) can streamline efficiencies during unplanned events.

Intergraph Damage Assessment Sessions and Demos at HxGN LIVE

Recently, we launched Intergraph Damage Assessment – an application that enables end-to-end automation of the entire post-storm damage assessment process for electric utility companies. During this year’s HxGN LIVE conference in Anaheim, California, we will have several sessions and demo opportunities for Intergraph Damage Assessment. Check them out!

Automated Damage Assessment and the Art of Reducing Power Restoration Times

Over the past year, we have been able to take the concept of damage assessment automation and turn it into reality. Today, we released Intergraph Damage Assessment, an application that enables end-to-end automation of the entire post-storm damage assessment process. Learn more about how Intergraph Damage Assessment reduces power restoration times for electric utility companies.