Police and Law Enforcement Industry Observations from IACP 2018

IACP 2018

The International Chiefs of Police (IACP) celebrated its 125 conference this year in Orlando, Florida, by highlighting the evolution and progression of law enforcement leaders from around the world. The conference has an outstanding reputation for its education and networking opportunities with regard to policing trends. Here are some of the important trends that I noticed while attending this year’s conference.

Digital Transformation
From sessions and keynote addresses to exhibitor highlights and more, there wasn’t a lot at this year’s IACP that didn’t relate back to technology, and how it can be utilized by law enforcement chiefs and agencies. Sessions like “Police Reform through Data-Driven Management” and “Employing Statistics to Prevent Statistics: Welcome to a New Era of Policing” touched on the need for agencies to use data whenever possible. Hexagon unveiled Intergraph InSight at IACP 2018, which is a suite of public safety data visualization and analytics software that supports evidence-based reporting, analysis, and decision making. This suite of products was highlighted by Canadian Pacific Police Service’s Jared Wagar, who discussed how data leads to actionable intelligence for all agency personnel by implementing a data-driven policing strategy.

Greater Collaboration
Collaboration has been a recurring theme for IACP events and it continued in 2018. It’s a topic that continually evolves within law enforcement communities and has expanded to include working with other government agencies, business, and charity organizations. Collaboration was discussed during the IACP session “Managing Technology Investments Is a Team Sport". One-way Hexagon helps agencies with great collaboration is with the data warehousing capabilities of Intergraph InSight. Intergraph InSight easily incorporates data from multiple sources and resolves differences for quick data retrieval while providing a deeper pool of information for analysis. A data warehouse and subject-area data models enable business-ready reports, while an intuitive interface and easy-to-use tools allow anyone, not just data specialists and analysts, to access and use data for self-service reporting and analysis.

The Importance of Safety and Officer Wellness
Ensuring the safety of officers, as well as the community, are mandates of law enforcement agencies. But it goes beyond physical safety. There were many sessions on the psychological well-being of officers too. Sessions like “The Platform to Enhance Officer Safety, Community Relations, and Department Strategies” and “Help Each Other Out: Building Strong, Inter-Agency Public Information Officer (PIO) Connections for Critical Incidents” show that IACP is trying to promote a safe cities approach to law enforcement.

Hexagon will continue discussions of these themes at future events around the world. For example, an upcoming Swiss Chapter GeoForum in Zurich, Switzerland, at the end of October. Attendees will have the chance to demo Intergraph InSight’s capabilities for turning real-time incident data into informative reports and analytics that drive smarter and more efficient agencies.

Pamela Van Asseldonk
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Pamela Bernier is a senior marketing specialist for Hexagon's Safety & Infrastructure division. Bernier has five years of experience in the public safety and utilities industry including police, fire, emergency management, and distribution – gaining valuable insight into the global business. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University.