How Anglian Water Uses Utility GIS for Better Network Management

Anglian Water, U.K.

Climate change, population growth, supply security, and regulatory requirements are among the many challenges facing today’s water utility providers. One company leveraging enterprise information to address these evolving challenges is Anglian Water.

With more than six million domestic and commercial customers, Anglian Water is the largest water and wastewater company by geography in England and Wales, managing 1.2 billion liters of water every day through 113,000 kilometers of pipe. Its service areas is also one of the country’s driest and flattest regions.

To responsibly manage the region’s water resources and infrastructure amid population growth and stringent regulations, Anglian Water recognized the needed for an enterprise information architecture solution that would modernize its IT environment for asset and spatial data, easily integrate with other back-office systems, and streamline field operations.

Discover how Anglian Water partnered with Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure to create an advanced utility GIS solution that streamlined its IT systems, improve its business operations, and ensured better service deliver and customer satisfaction.

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John Tarleton
About John Tarleton

John Tarleton is a senior accountant executive for Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure in the U.K. With more than three decades of enterprise technology experience, Tarleton works closely with our utility and communication customers to develop solutions that serve strategic business initiatives and efficient operations.