Podcast: Law Enforcement Records Management in the Cloud

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Between incident response, traffic stops, field interviews, casework, investigations, and crime analysis, law enforcement agencies are awash in data. Collecting data is one thing. Systematically managing it, understanding it, and share it with other agencies is something completely different. Today’s forward-thinking agencies are implementing and leveraging records management solutions that offer that “completely different” factor.

During the annual HxGN LIVE conference in June, Intergraph launched inPURSUIT WebRMS, a cloud-deployable records management system for law enforcement agencies. inPURSUIT serves all facets of law enforcement operations and administration, making records management, CAD integration, and interagency data sharing seamless.

In this recent HxGN Radio podcast, Jamie Algatt, product manager and owner of inPURSUIT analytics and mobile apps, Intergraph SG&I, talks about law enforcement records management in the cloud. Enjoy!

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