Steven Cost Keynote Recap: Making Every Connection Count

Steven Cost at HxGN LIVE

If you were stranded on a deserted island, and could only have three things, what would they be? That’s the question Intergraph SG&I President Steven Cost opened his “Making Every Connection Count” keynote presentation with at HxGN LIVE 2015.

If Cost was stranded on a deserted island, he would choose Hexagon CEO Ola Rollen, and demonstrated this playfully by displaying a volleyball with Ola stenciled on it (a reference to Wilson from the 2000 drama Castaway), his iPhone, and his wife Leslie. And Cost is not alone in his answers. Many surveys and polls indicate that most people include technology and loved ones in their answers.

“From human connections to connections with technology and data, connectivity impacts everything we do,” said Cost. “We live in an increasingly connected world. In fact, Cisco predicts there will be more than 50 billion connected devices in five years.”

Cost directly aligned Cisco’s prediction with how it will affect the operations and services of public safety agencies and utility providers. Connected devices such as utility meters, environmental sensors, parking meters, and body cameras will change how these organizations function at their core. However, it is how these organizations turn the data collected by smart devices into intelligent decision-making that will truly drive operational and service change. Cost calls this intelligent data.

Cost’s keynote focused on four key areas of connection: Connecting innovation to life’s challenges, connecting our customers to intelligent data, connecting our customers to their citizens and customers and connecting our customers to us.

During his connecting innovation to life’s challenges segment, Cost discussed explosive growth of connected devices in smart homes and smart cities. The Institute of the Future calls this the “networked ecosystem,” where our environment is more aware, responsive and connected. Behind these devices and ecosystem is a network that enables those connections.

“Smart devices, smart homes, social media, and streaming video drive demand for bandwidth,” said Cost. “Fiber is the core component of the high-speed, broadband communications network required for smart grid, intelligent transportation systems and Next Gen 9-1-1.”

Cost talked about Intergraph SG&I Icon Award winner Virgin Media using G/Technology Fiber Optic Works to create a unified geospatial inventory system that would support its expanding fiber-based services to businesses and homes across the U.K.

“Virgin Media’s solution will aid management and growth of its fiber network throughout the U.K., keeping its customers online and connected.”

For the next segment in his keynote, Cost honed in on intelligent data. The amount of data available in today’s connected world is inundating agencies and organizations. And while data is important, having the right data at the right time to make more informed decision faster is truly what intelligent data is all about.

During this segment Cost was joined by Intergraph SG&I’s Global Business Development Lead for EdgeFrontier Jack Williams. Cost and Williams discussed EdgeFrontier’s ability to connect data by interfacing between systems. EdgeFrontier enables IT organizations to integrate and connect new data, applications and systems with legacy technologies that need to be retained.

“EdgeFrontier reduces the total cost of ownership for interfaces and integrations,” said Williams. “It improves business performance and enables new capabilities.”

During this segment Cost was also joined by Intergraph Government Solutions’ Cameron Smith to talk about the U.S. Coast Guard’s Investigative Services (CGIS) implementation of inPURSUIT WebRMS, Intergraph SG&I’s new cloud-deployable record management system for law enforcement. WebRMS increased CGIS efficiencies by reducing paperwork, enabling real-time data entry, sharing case data across a broad geographic area, and linking relationships between suspects and known criminal offenders. The CGIS is also a Hexagon 2015 Shaping Change honoree.

In his connecting our customers to their citizens and customers portion of the keynote, Cost focused on Icon Award winner Pure Force and Rescue Corp, a private initiative supporting public safety in the Philippines. Pure Force and Rescue Corp. is leveraging Intergraph’s Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) system and Mobile Responder application to connect decentralized emergency response systems and agencies across the country. The initiative is also connecting Philippine citizens to emergency services through a smartphone app.

In the same segment, Cost pivoted to focus on connecting to customers from a utility provider and smart grid prospective. Changes to the market, technology and regulation are driving rapid shifts in the utility industry. These changes are also creating a new customer service experience, which is why Intergraph has launched new electricity outage notifications and storm damage assessment solutions and partnered with ETAP.

“We’ve partnered with ETAP to provide the best-of-breed approach to smart grid,” said Cost. “We combined our GIS and outage management solutions with ETAP’s engineering tools, enabling you to choose what you need for asset management.”

In the fourth and final potion of Cost’s keynote, he talked about connecting our customers to Intergraph. HxGN LIVE is the best way for Intergraph’s product and customer service teams to put faces to names and have one-on-one conversations about how we can resolve product issues and create products that help our customers serve their citizens and customers better.

Once the video recording of the Cost’s keynote is available for re-broadcast, we post it to CONNECT, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned.

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