Improve reliability, enhance customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, and satisfy regulators.

Case Study
Closeup of pure filtered water
Anglian Water Uses Utility GIS Solutions for Better Network Management
 Needing to manage the water resources and infrastructure, Anglian Water implemented a utility network management solution to centralize its asset data, integrate with other enterprise systems, and streamline field operations.

Once used to simply record the location of assets, the use of location-based data and processing now extends to almost every aspect of the water business. Our water solutions enable operators to maintain comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date location-based inventory of their network assets and make that information readily accessible throughout the business. We enable extensive use of data and capabilities to streamline vital processes and provide enhanced insight to inform operations, planning, and customer services.

The organizations responsible for water and wastewater vary enormously in their nature, scale, and scope. We offer a range of solutions to accommodate both the breadth of work functions and different types of operators – water, water and wastewater, or multi-utility; publicly or privately owned; and citywide, regional, or national in scale.

Utilities & Communications
Improve Efficiency

Integrate advanced utility GIS data and processing with other business systems to streamline workflows and remove redundant tasks.

Utilities & Communications
Enhance Records

Leverage intelligent design tools, field connectivity, and coordination with other business systems to enhance data quality and currency.

Utilities & Communications
Realize Greater Value

Gain greater value by enabling enterprisewide access to definitive GIS data to enhance critical functions – from customer services to emergency planning.

Network Design & Documentation
Efficiently design, document, and manage water networks.
Connect the enterprise to enhance data flows and better target resources.
Enterprise Integration
Maximize data use and cut integration costs.
Customer Relations
Satisfy customers and regulators.
Expedite deployment and reduce costs.