Improve highways performance across safety, asset condition, and costs.

Case Study
Photo of eighteen wheeler truck on the interstate
Oklahoma DOT & DPS Automate Oversize/Overweight Load Permits and Routing
With limited resources and a growing number of permit requests, Oklahoma needed a system to automate its oversize/overweight routing and permitting process, creating safer roadways and lowering permit issuing costs.

Around the world highways agencies are having to respond to increasing road usage against a climate of restricted funding. This combination presents significant challenges to reducing congestion, enhancing safety and asset condition, increasing capacity, and expanding their networks.

Our highways solutions can help by connecting the enterprise with current, authoritative data and delivering task-oriented solutions that inform planning and operations to focus limited resources where they will deliver the greatest benefit.

Their specialized capabilities support critical highways functions from asset management to permitting, safety planning, and physical security.


Make Informed Decisions

Build, share, and utilize a more comprehensive, current, and reliable location-based information picture for evidence-based decisions.

Maximize Safety

Enhance traveler and infrastructure safety and reduce traffic congestion.

Optimize Resources

Make better use of resources – from budgets to land and property, information, and personnel – for safe, efficient, and effective operations.  

Create, integrate, and analyze data to achieve more with limited resources.
Keep roads safe, projects on time, and budgets on track.
Enhance safety planning and analysis and improve traffic incident management and security.
Public Information Services
Deliver improved services, reduce costs, and engage stakeholders.
Map habitats, track environmental impact, and mitigate risks.