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Enable safe, efficient, and coordinated operation.

Case Study
BWI Airport
BWI Airport Deploys Integrated Security and Response Solution
Needing to support multi-agency incident management and response at BWI Airport, the Maryland Aviation Administration integrated physical security information management and computer-aided dispatch systems to improve situational awareness and consolidate dispatching and service processing.

Airports and ports are dynamic, complex, multi-disciplinary operations. As a leading provider of business solutions for airports and seaports, we draw on decades of experience to solve today's port challenges. Our portfolio combines a robust and flexible technology foundation with task-oriented business solutions. We provide comprehensive capabilities that address specific functional needs and also enhance operation and planning across the business. With our solutions, airports and seaports can manage risk and policy compliance, while operating within tightly defined budgets.


Make Informed Decisions

Build, share, and utilize current, accurate, location-based data for timely, evidence-based decisions.

Ensure Safe Operations

Optimize situational awareness and expedite response to maximize safety and continuity of service.

Optimize Resources

Make better use of resources – from data, to facilities, to land holdings – for safe, efficient, profitable, and sustainable operations.

Explore Solution Capabilities

Safety & Security

Ports and airports are vital elements of global transport and the supply chain, and must have the business resilience to mitigate and respond to risks of all kinds. Our solutions protect people, infrastructure, and cargo, while also delivering greater continuity of service.

We support port and airport operators as well as local, national and federal police executing critical functions including physical security, incident response, and law enforcement.

Our physical security and response solution provides intelligent convergence of alarms and sensors with location information displayed clearly within an intuitive, interactive map-based operational picture. Combining this enhanced situational awareness with integrated response, we enable you to efficiently monitor, detect, qualify, and respond to incidents across large and complex sites, whether dispatching your own resources, collaborating as part of a multi-agency centre, or escalating to outside agencies. Used by commercial and public agencies, our security platform also forms part.

Facility & Asset Managment

Airports and seaports are complex operations that extend over large geographic areas. Our solutions build and maintain an accurate, location-based inventory of facilities, land and property assets, civil structures, equipment, and utility networks. We extend the functionality and capabilities of typical GIS with custom capabilities that address the complex organizational, operational, and technical needs of the business.

We provide the data management and security needed to control enterprise-wide access to data as well as the ability to configure workflows that closely match the organization’s work processes. We also provide a range of interfaces to support frequently needed applications, including office systems, web clients, and mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Inspection, Survey & Data Capture

There are numerous ways to make field data capture more efficient from mobile mapping apps for tablets and smartphones to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for inspection and mobile laser scanning. Exploit these techniques and connect with the field through our range of software platforms and interfaces.

Land & Environment

Our solutions build and maintain location-based inventories of property to improve decision-making for current operations and long-term planning. In addition to providing accurate definitions of land holdings, rights, and constraints, our solutions enhance analysis and insight through integration with enterprise resource planning ( ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM), and other business systems.

Our solutions also support the needs of environmental management. Whether modelling noise or monitoring dredging operations, the unique scope of our geospatial portfolio enables you to work with comprehensive data types and techniques, combining GIS, remote sensing, photogrammetry, and geospatial modelling.

Maritime Policing & Monitoring

Ports, coastlines, and seas are complex functional spaces that require constant vigilance and surveillance to protect national interests, commerce, public safety, resources, and the environment.

Our solutions keep you in control, helping detect issues and affect timely response, whether tracking suspect vessels, conducting searches, or monitoring for illegal activities or pollution. They also include a comprehensive suite of law enforcement capabilities addressing functions from incident management to records management.

Aeronautical Charting, Design & Data Services

Given the safety critical nature of the data, the timely creation and distribution of navigational information must be executed to exacting standards. Our solutions support operations that span airspace planning, charting, and the creation and distribution of static and dynamic aeronautical information, including aeronautical data packages, charts, and documents.

Fraport AG
Fraport AG uses geographical information system to streamline airport infrastructure data management and optimize business operations.
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority implemented an integrated solution for dispatch, alarms, video, and multiple agency interoperability that improves response times.
U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service
U.S. Coast Guard Investigative Service uses an enterprise records management system to replace its paper-based record-keeping, saving time and resources.