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Efficiently design, document, and manage water networks.

PDAM Banjarmasin Implements Water Utility GIS for Facility Management

Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum supplies drinking water to Banjarmasin, Indonesia. It uses Hexagon Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial’s G/Technology to analyze and maintain its asset data model based on the daily maintenance operations within the organization.

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Intergraph G/Technology provides rich version management, analysis, and reporting capabilities required to model and manage engineering life cycles, including coordination with other business platforms such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), work and asset management system (WAMS), and field operations.

Intergraph G/Technology enables water utilities to maintain the location-based asset data needed to inform and coordinate the planning, construction, and operation of their network – including fulfilling regulatory requirements and creating a readily accessible, definitive source of information. It ensures records are current, consistent, and accurate. At its core, it is a rich water network model providing a highly accurate connected database of all the distribution assets of the system, their engineering properties, connectivity, and relationships, such as water mains and sewers, storage reservoirs, pumps, pipelines, valves, and meters.

Advanced version management enables the business to model and track assets and work across the full engineering life cycle, including integration and coordination with other business-critical systems for efficient and reliable execution – including ERP, WAMS, and mobile workforce management.

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