Network Operations

Improve reliability, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and fulfill regulatory requirements.

Enersource Streamlines Utility Operations Center with Advanced Distribution Management System

To efficiently manage its electric network and meet service reliability expectations of customers, Enersource combined outage management and distribution management capabilities to automate various network functions, streamline operations,and create an integrated operating model.

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Enersource Hydro Case Study

Our suite of coordinated solutions for electrical distribution network operations improves reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction by rapidly connecting staff to relevant and reliable data together with the necessary tools for the task at hand. They detect outages sooner and restore power faster and more efficiently. They harness existing data to enhance customer outage experience and identify patterns in incidents and probable cause.

Whether deploying afull, end-to-end advanced distribution management system (ADMS) or integrating existing capabilities into an advanced outage management system (OMS), Hexagon's solutions streamline operations, expedite decisions and actions, and provide comprehensive operational intelligence to the enterprise in real time.


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The integrated operating model implementation is providing a good foundation basis to help Enersource meet the growing energy demands of tomorrow without sacrificing the excellent service and safety it has delivered for the past 90 years.
- Raymond Rauber Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Enersource