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Office of Unified Communications Leverages Multi-Agency Dispatch

Needing to consolidate call-taking and dispatch in the U.S. capital, Washington, D.C.’s Office of Unified Communications implemented a multi-agency incident management system, including mobile and analytics software.

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Dispatcher responds to challenge of multi-agency communication


Optimize Resources

Optimize resource utilization through common services, systems, and data.

Improve Operations

Improve resource management and the availability of critical information across multiple agencies.

Enhance Workflows

Support consolidated systems and operations, while also enabling specific partner agency needs and workflows.

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Considering the Cloud?

As cities look to the future, agencies are beginning to use cloud capabilities for mission-critical systems. Explore resources to determine if the cloud is right for your agency.

[Hexagon] offers a COTS solution that is highly configurable and...allowed us to provide a cost-effective hosted solution.

Glen Miller

Director of IT, E-Comm