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Case Study
Closeup image of an emergency dispatcher
Edmonton Fire Rescue Services Reduces Response Times Using Computer-Aided Dispatch
Needing to reduce response times and operating costs, Edmonton Fire Rescue Services upgraded its computer-aided dispatch system and municipal map data, enabling faster dispatch, simplifying data sharing, and saving money.


Public Safety & Security
Improve Performance

Improve response times by optimizing information and resources.

Public Safety & Security
Enhance Workflows

Implement business rules for incidents, units, incident command, and more for efficient operations.

Public Safety & Security
Ease Implementations

Reduce configuration time and costs for mission-critical implementations with out-of-the-box fire and rescue workflows.

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Incident Management

Our incident management solutions coordinate critical information and resources and track developing situations in real time. Through immediate and complete information about events and units, our solutions help fire and rescue services respond to incidents with speed and efficiency.

With our computer-aided dispatch system, call-takers, dispatchers, and supervisors benefit from streamlined tools to field calls, create and update events, and manage resources, including multiple agencies and jurisdictions. Field personnel increase productivity through mobile applications and data, including access to pre-incident plans.

Our fire CAD supports agency-specific business rules and workflows and enables key capabilities, including response plan creation, unit recommendations, incident perimeters, and hospital routing. Interfaces to fire station alerting, printing, and paging systems enable quicker turnout, while integration with records management and resource optimization systems streamline operations. Whether in the communications center, the station, en route, or on scene, personnel can access actionable information whenever and wherever needed.

Resource Allocation & Planning

Fire and rescue services must meet response time standards and monitor and measure performance. Our fire service analytics software leverages computer-aided dispatch systems, records management systems, and other data sources for better reporting, analysis, and evidence-based decision-making.

Our business intelligence software helps agencies mine, monitor, and analyze massive amounts of incident and response data and report the results for resource allocation and growth planning. Our incident analysis and mapping software helps agencies visualize and analyze information for location intelligence. With tools for real-time and historic reporting and analysis, we help fire and rescue services identify trends and determine personnel, apparatus, and station needs.

Records Management

In partnership with Emergency Reporting, we offer a fully integrated, web- and cloud-based fire and EMS reporting and records management system that lets agencies easily track, manage, and analyze what’s going on at their station. It serves as the main point of entry for a wealth of data and insights about a department. Our solution includes a variety of modules to make it easier to input and view critical data. 

Emergency Operations Centers & Major Events

Natural disasters and large-scale public events create challenges far beyond the scope of day-to-day incidents. Our solutions provide emergency operations centers and multiple organizations with reliable information, clear and unambiguous communications, and tools to adapt to rapidly changing situations.

With our computer-aided dispatch system, agencies can create special zones, implement predefined standard operating procedures, and operate additional control rooms, including remote or mobile command centers. With our major events and geospatial software, emergency operations centers, command staff, and multiple, diverse organizations can collaborate, sharing and accessing critical information during planning, response, and recovery.

Citizen Mobile Apps

Our smartphone apps enable citizens to quickly and easily contact emergency services and report incidents. Our apps provide location-based information aiding emergency calls for service and non-emergency citizen reports. By simply tapping a screen, citizens can request aid, report concerns, and connect with emergency services.

By ensuring we assign the right type and quantity of units, based on event type and level of incident, it optimizes our resources and reduces our incident handling costs.
Marc Vitalbo
Lieutenant-Colonel, Bouches-du-Rhône Fire Brigades
Edmonton Fire Rescue cut response times by 30 seconds