Network Design & Documentation

Efficiently design, document, and manage water networks.

Case Study
PDAM Banjarmasin Implements Water Utility GIS for Facility Management
Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum supplies drinking water to Banjarmasin, Indonesia. It uses Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s G/Technology to analyze and maintain its asset data model based on the daily maintenance operations within the organization.

Intergraph G/Technology provides rich version management, analysis, and reporting capabilities required to model and manage engineering life cycles, including coordination with other business platforms such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), work and asset management system (WAMS), and field operations.

Intergraph G/Technology enables water utilities to maintain the location-based asset data needed to inform and coordinate the planning, construction, and operation of their network – including fulfilling regulatory requirements and creating a readily accessible, definitive source of information. It ensures records are current, consistent, and accurate. At its core, it is a rich water network model providing a highly accurate connected database of all the distribution assets of the system, their engineering properties, connectivity, and relationships, such as water mains and sewers, storage reservoirs, pumps, pipelines, valves, and meters.

Advanced version management enables the business to model and track assets and work across the full engineering life cycle, including integration and coordination with other business-critical systems for efficient and reliable execution – including ERP, WAMS, and mobile workforce management.

Utilities & Communications
Create Better Data Faster

Harness intelligent, rule-based tools that expedite design while ensuring adherence to corporate standards and best practices.

Utilities & Communications
Make Informed Decisions

Maintain a definitive source of reliable, location-based information about the facility network that is accessible throughout the business and beyond.

Utilities & Comunicaciones
Boost Efficiency

Eliminate redundant design and documentation processes to save time, improve data quality, and reduce costs.

Explore Solution Capabilities

Advanced Editing
Intergraph G/Technology delivers CAD capabilities within the GIS environment, removing the need for separate systems and workflows. This allows data to be produced more efficiently and removes latency and errors from water network records.

G/Technology’s smart editing tools further improve the speed and quality of data capture by using rules to drive semi-automated placement and run integral data validation. The assisted placement speeds the capture of complex graphical features while ensuring the correct symbology is applied. This produces data that is visually consistent and in accordance with corporate standards. At the same time, rules-based validation enforces corporate design practices and engineering/configuration rules while also checking that the geospatial elements are topologically clean. Their overall effect boosts efficiency, provides higher-quality data, and expedites posting to the master data by reducing the need for post-capture data validation and clean-up.
Engineering Life Cycles
Intergraph G/Technology provides the rich version management, analysis, tracking, and reporting capabilities needed to model and manage engineering life cycles for water network infrastructure. The ability to maintain alternate versions, combined with design validation and estimation, enables comparative assessments of designs, both technically and financially. For smaller networks, G/Technology can support these roles standalone, while for large networks it is more common to interact with other business platforms. Examples include coordinating with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and work and asset management systems (WAMS) for job planning, materials, costs and scheduling, and mobile workforce management platforms for executing work.

Direct coordination of process and sharing of information between systems enables the business to remove disconnected and redundant processes. This enables operators to enhance safety, save money, and expedite work while improving the accuracy and currency of their records.
Fiber Optic Networks
Many water utilities are investing in their own fiber networks to provide the communications needed for next-generation network control and automation. Our leading fiber optic infrastructure management solution, Fiber Optic Works, provides advanced fiber modeling tools that enable users to efficiently design, construct, operate, and maintain the physical fiber infrastructure. Its rich telecommunications model is ready to use out-of-the-box, maintaining extensive attribution about each fiber device and conductor to track their connectivity throughout the network and maintain containment and splicing records.

To expand the scope of the network to offer customer connections, the system supports integration with OSS/NRM platforms to enable streamlined processes for the deployment and provisioning of services over the network. Fiber Optic Works runs on G/Technology, the same platform as our water infrastructure management solution, making it easy to implement and manage.
Enterprise Scalability
Intergraph G/Technology has been proven in production environments from tens to thousands of connected users in businesses ranging from local to multinational operations. In addition to its scalable architecture, G/Technology also helps establish consistency and team working, for example by applying corporate design practices and standards through work processes and business rules. It enables the business to operate as a single virtual environment across multiple sites to spread work across teams to balance loads and optimize utilization. This flexibility enables the business to scale-up for large projects, either by focusing multiple teams on a single project or by providing secure access to service delivery partners and contractors while ensuring corporate standards and practices are followed.

Intergraph G/Technology
Plan, design, and document the network and apply information.
Anglian Water
Anglian Water deploys utility GIS to better manage its infrastructure, modernize its IT environment, and centralize its asset and geospatial data.
Intergraph NetWorks
Extend your Intergraph G/Technology capabilities and connect your enterprise to its network model.