Network Operations

Improve reliability, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and fulfill regulatory requirements.

Case Study
Enersource Streamlines Utility Operations Center with Advanced Distribution Management System
To efficiently manage its electric network and meet service reliability expectations of customers, Enersource combined outage management and distribution management capabilities to automate various network functions, streamline operations, and create an integrated operating model.

Our suite of coordinated solutions for electrical distribution network operations improves reliability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction by rapidly connecting staff to relevant and reliable data together with the necessary tools for the task at hand. They detect outages sooner and restore power faster and more efficiently. They harness existing data to enhance customer outage experience and identify patterns in incidents and probable cause.

Whether deploying a full, end-to-end advanced distribution management system (ADMS) or integrating existing capabilities into an advanced outage management system (OMS), Hexagon’s solutions streamline operations, expedite decisions and actions, and provide comprehensive operational intelligence to the enterprise in real time.


Reduce Costs

Restore power more efficiently, increase capacity to manage major events, and identify patterns and trends to target actions that reduce outages.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Minimize disruption through greater reliability and faster restoration, and communicate information that is more accurate and valued.

Optimize Damage Assessment

Optimize storm management by the automated collection of storm damage to utility assets and enable more informed decisions on a restoration plan.

Explore Solution Capabilities

Advanced Distribution Management

Our ADMS solution improves network reliability and resilience by streamlining operations and expediting critical actions and decisions. Combining real-time situational intelligence and analytical and operational capabilities within a single interface, it enables electrical distribution operators to:

  • Analyze the network with distribution state estimation and load flow calculations and quickly visualize the results and violations
  • Operate the network’s telemetered and non- telemetered devices for ad- hoc operations or planned switching with clearance requests, simulation, approvals, and logging
  • Manage the network using advanced restoration tools for outage management, such as fault location with service restoration recommendations and integrated alarming
  • Increase the efficiency of field crews and restoration activities with integral outage management
  • Optimize the network through volt-var control with direct control over capacitor banks, load tap changes, and voltage regulators

Real-time operation requires a functional electrical model that is detailed, accurate, and current. Hexagon’s ADMS solution creates and maintains a complete and reliable network model – from supply points to individual meters. Combined with the location and status of outages, jobs, and field crews; contextual maps; and other data, it provides comprehensive, real-time situational intelligence.

Advanced Outage Management

Hexagon’s advanced OMS solution enables electrical distribution operators to track outages and restore service, feed customer communications, monitor and operate the distribution system, provide grid analysis and optimization, manage and inform field crews, and provide an invaluable source of operational intelligence to the enterprise.

Intergraph InService provides the core capabilities, integrating with third-party systems (like SCADA, AMI, DNA, DMS, CIS, and WAMS) to deliver streamlined operations by unifying critical capabilities for network management with those for outage management. Hexagon’s advanced OMS provides some of the benefits of real-time network intelligence, automation, and control without having to invest a full ADMS.

Dispatch & Mobile Workforce Management

Our InService system expands the capability of standard outage management systems by providing the tools needed to manage critical resources through integrated computer-aided dispatch. The combination of the live network picture, integrated communications, and crew tracking provides everything the dispatcher needs to identify and dispatch the nearest and best crew for a job.

Advanced system dispatching tools can also help locate the closest crew, recommend crews using skills and equipment, and monitor shift times.

Network Outage Analytics & Reporting

Our outage analytics and reporting solution is a simple-to-use web tool that extends enterprise access to operational information (historical as well as near-real time), visualization, analysis, and reporting. We provide real-time situational awareness of unfolding incidents, operational deployments, and restoration progress during major events. Our software also provides insight into historical performance, trends, and possible root causes, helping companies proactively reduce the number of outage events.

We help monitor indicators of emerging issues before they become problems, such as outage duration, frequency of outages, system availability, and response times. The system is simple to set up and integrate within existing information technology landscapes. It works with leading OMS and GIS systems from third-parties, as well as Hexagon’s, and provides richer insight by combining data from disparate systems in a unified view.

Damage Assessment

Our damage assessment solution assists storm management by coordinating the collection of storm-related damage to utility assets and enabling operators to make immediate, informed decisions on a utility restoration plan. The solution provides tools for strategic planning, field data collection, and real-time analysis. It is built on industry standards, enabling it to work with any OMS and GIS.

Field personnel can use tablets to note the specifics at each location. Progress is tracked in real time with analysis tools in a dashboard, helping utilities to prioritize restoration areas and get the lights back on faster than ever before.

In addition to data collected directly, crowdsourcing can provide a valuable supplemental source of intelligence. Our Mobile Alert solution engages the public to report incidents and details using an easy-to-use smartphone app. The reports provide location, short descriptions, timestamps, and images.

Outage Communications

Our outage notification solution provides customers with more timely and relevant outage information. It enables operators to incorporate data from the OMS with their customer communications and preference management platforms to drive better communications.

Events in the OMS triggers Intergraph Outage Notifications to generate a customer list, which the utility’s customer communications system uses to automate delivery in accordance with the options the customers has specified. This enables customers to receive the outage information they want in via the channels they choose.

With our solutions, utility companies can provide customers with near-real-time information about outages affecting their home or business, as well as advance notification of planned outages.

The integrated operating model implementation is providing a good foundation basis to help Enersource meet the growing energy demands of tomorrow without sacrificing the excellent service and safety it has delivered for the past 90 years.
Raymond Rauber
Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Enersource
Intergraph InService
Restore power quickly and efficiently.
Intergraph Damage Assessment
Optimize restoration using current data.
Enersource combines outage management and distribution management capabilities to automate various network functions, streamline operations, and create an integrated operating model.
Companhia de Electricidade de Macau
Companhia de Electricidade de Macau uses outage management system to reduce outage response and restoration times for high- and medium-voltage outages.
London Hydro
London Hydro uses outage management system and interactive voice response to streamline customer communication during outages and improve customer satisfaction.
Snohomish County PUD
Snohomish County PUD uses Intergraph G/Technology as a system of record for its entire network and to provide information to all departments and systems across the enterprise.