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Stadtwerke Bayreuth Energie und Wasser GmbH Uses GIS to Manage and Visualize Asset Data

Finding that its CAD-based network information system hindered data integration, Stadtwerke Bayreuth Energie und Wasser GmbH implemented a GIS solution to integrate asset data management, improve network visualization, and meet mandatedreporting requirements.

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Rapidly changing technology and markets mean electric utilities must react to pressures on multiple fronts, driving the need to address the verticalized nature of the sector's business systems.

We offer intelligent design tools that create and maintain accurate and functional, location-based models of the facility network and solutions to monitor and manage network operations and responses to outages. These are supported by both horizontal capabilities-such as enterprise mobility, reporting, and analytics-and complementary workflow-based solutions for specific functions from customer relations to physical security.

Crucially, our solutions deliver the richer and more functionally capable data models and interoperability interfaces needed to support real-time operations, automation, and coordination across systems. This enables operators to develop closer interaction and coordination between the systems, processes and data of network operations, network engineering, and customer services-whether in the office or the field.