Public Safety Cloud Solutions

Achieve greater agility, improved sustainability, and exceptional security with public safety cloud solutions.

Technology is evolving faster than ever, putting a strain on public safety agencies to enhance their current level of capability with limited resources. With ever-increasing demands from the public, agencies must be able to react, respond, predict, and prevent emergencies faster. While many have been hesitant to fully embrace public safety cloud solutions to reach these goals, times are changing.

As cities look to the future, agencies are beginning to use cloud capabilities to respond to threats faster and save lives. By leveraging a trusted provider to handle core IT and system administration, public safety leaders can focus resources on improving operations and delivering mission-critical services. For agencies not ready to make the full leap to the cloud, Hexagon public safety cloud solutions offer a phased approach to migration. Our portfolio of solutions can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, giving agencies the freedom to choose how to implement each system.

Benefits of Public Safety Cloud Solutions

Maior complexidade

Populações em contínuo crescimento, serviços e infraestruturas interdependentes e maiores consequências resultantes de incidentes, são apenas alguns dos...

Maiores expectativas

A perceção pública sobre a segurança e as entidades do setor é afetada por um maior escrutínio público e pelas crescentes expectativas criadas em torno...

Maior exigência

Com cada vez menos recursos, as agências e governos municipais enfrentam um aumento significativo de chamadas de emergência em torno de diferentes áreas...

Better Security

Cloud services include world-class, built-in security features such as data protection and identity and asset management to detect threats before any cyberattack can occur.

More Flexibility

The cloud securely connects public safety data and applications to any internet-connected device, providing access from home or a temporary office during an emergency or disaster.

Reduced total Cost

Industry analysts cite SaaS deployments as having lower setup costs and offering opportunities to reduce operational expenditure.

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