Ambulance & EMS

Respond quickly and effectively, meet performance targets, and improve patient care.

Case Study
Alberta Health Services Transforms EMS Data into Business Intelligence
Needing a better way to verify data, reduce report creation times, and improve reporting quality, Alberta Health Services implemented Hexagon's business intelligence software to address its demand for accurate, timely, and highly consistent complex data reporting.


Save Time

Reduce response and travel times with more accurate, complete, and available information.

Optimize Resources

Implement business rules for more productive, efficient operations and patient care.

Improve Performance

Monitor, measure, and improve performance through data analytics and reporting.

Explore Solution Capabilities

Performance Management

Emergency medical services must meet response time standards and monitor and measure performance. Our EMS analytics software leverages computer-aided dispatch systems, records management systems, and other data sources for better reporting, analysis, and evidence-based decision-making.

Our business intelligence software helps agencies mine, monitor, and analyze massive amounts of incident and response data and report the results for performance measurement and resource planning. Our incident analysis and mapping software helps agencies visualize and analyze information for location intelligence. With tools for real-time and historic reporting and analysis, we help emergency medical services identify trends and determine resource needs.

Dispatch & Major Incidents

Natural disasters and large-scale public events create challenges far beyond the scope of day-to-day incidents. Our solutions provide emergency operations centers (EOCs) and multiple organizations with reliable information, clear and unambiguous communications, and tools to adapt to rapidly changing situations.

With our computer-aided dispatch system, agencies can create special zones, implement predefined standard operating procedures, and operate additional control rooms, including remote or mobile command centers. With our major events and geospatial software, emergency operations centers, command staff, and multiple, diverse organizations can collaborate, sharing and accessing critical information during planning, response, and recovery.

Citizen Mobile Apps

Our smartphone apps enable citizens to quickly and easily contact emergency services and report incidents. Our apps provide location-based information aiding emergency calls for service and non-emergency citizen reports. By simply tapping a screen, citizens can request aid, report concerns, and connect with emergency services.

Within weeks, the CAD improved our service to patients, other health professionals, and our own operational staff.
Rob Ellery
Head of Planning, South Central Ambulance Service