Hexagon G!NIUS

Preconfigured modular NIS/GIS standard solution for utilities companies of any size


G!NIUS from Hexagon addresses small, medium and large utilities companies. This powerful basic technology is used worldwide - with a focus on German-speaking countries - and is consistently further developed in Europe for local requirements. It offers a high degree of investment and future security. G!NIUS incorporates the experience and requirements of more than 250 customers.

This preconfigured standard solution facilitates the management of electricity, gas, water, district heating and sewer networks for utilities and waste management companies. The modular 'ready to use' software offering can be deployed from standalone workstations to several hundred workstations. Flexible search queries and data management without the need for sheets simplify administrative steps and improve data consistency. Functions for modeling and documentation processes also facilitate the entire life cycle of switchgear. With an intuitive user interface, site plans can be generated at the push of a button.

With G!NIUS, cross-departmental process chains can be designed synergistically, effectively and economically. Your utility-specific workflows are specifically supported by tried-and-tested functionalities. In this way, work such as recording and documentation, planning, mobile deployment, maintenance and management can be fully supported.

Various G!NIUS basic modules provide basic functions for flexible workplace concepts:

  • G!NIUS-Data Capture Environment – the workstation for digitising, planning and analysis
  • G!NIUS-Administration – the administration environment
  • G!NIUS-Alpha Manipulation – the environment for the editing of attribute data
  • G!NIUS-Mobile Review – the environment for mobile viewing