Make Public Safety Analytics Crime Mapping and Reporting Easier and Faster

Intergraph InSight provides police, fire, emergency medical services, and dispatch centers with data visualization and analytics for evidence-based reporting, analysis, and decision-making.

Intergraph InSight helps public safety agencies overcome the challenge of reporting and analyzing the large amounts of data created and collected from computer-aided dispatch and other systems. It creates a single data source, which users can explore, analyse, and share through interactive dashboards and reports. With it, your agency can see your data in new ways for performance assessments, crime analysis, crime mapping, resource allocation, operational improvements, and more.

Out of the box, Intergraph InSight offers your agency:

  • Multi-Source Data Warehouse
  • Unlimited Data Integrations
  • Easy Customization & Configuration
  • On-Premises or Cloud Deployment
  • Clean, Comprehensive, Business-Ready Data
  • Pre-Built & Custom Reports & Dashboards
  • Spatial Analysis & Playback
  • Reduced Costs & Delays

Intergraph InSight provides your agency with a solid foundation for accurate and reliable reporting and analysis, empowers your staff to run usable reports and analyses, and gives your leadership the critical information it needs to improve public trust.


Complete, Accurate & Usable Data

Data warehouse merges and cleanses data from different sources, providing a single source of truth for accurate and reliable reporting and analysis.

Easy to Create, Understand & Share Reports

Business-ready, visually interactive reports and dashboards. Easy-to-use tools empower staff to run reports and conduct analysis, freeing up analysts and producing quicker results.

Supports Transparency & Accountability

Out-of-the-box reporting and analysis that can be easily understood and shared to improve public trust, dispel misconceptions, demonstrate compliance, and justify funding.


Police & Law Enforcement

Provides police and law enforcement with real-time and historical data for intelligence-led policing and Compstat initiatives, including crime analysis and crime mapping, officer deployment, multi-unit AVL tracking and speed management, officer history and unit utilization, and more.

Fire & EMS

Provides fire and emergency medical services with reporting and analysis tools to monitor and measure unit response, turn out times, repeat incident locations, and more to meet response time standards and support budget, staffing, equipment, and station needs.

Dispatch Centers

Provides dispatch centers with reporting and analysis tools to better understand call statistics, demand analysis, call-taker and dispatcher workloads, dispatch system performance, event details, events pending dispatch details, and more to better align resourcing to demand.

Products & Capabilities

Deploy HxGN OnCall in the Cloud

The HxGN OnCall managed service brings next-generation public safety technologies to agencies of all sizes with reduced resources and CapEx.

Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services uses Hexagon's business intelligence software to unify data, reduce reporting times, and improve reporting quality.