Intergraph Security

Rapidly and effectively detect, assess, and respond to threats.

Intergraph Security (I/Security) is a suite of software for physical security information management (PSIM), situational awareness, and decision support. Security personnel can view and intelligently act on information from large-scale alarm, sensor, and video deployments. Seamless integration with Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (/CAD) enables comprehensive incident management. With I/Security, users can rapidly and effectively detect, assess, and respond to threats.

I/Security offers a choice of clients - the desktop I/Security Command Center and the web-based I/Security Command Portal. I/Security Command Center delivers complete situational awareness in a desktop-based platform that is perfect for large, enterprise-level deployments and organizations with strict security requirements that prohibit the use of web-based applications. I/Security Command Portal brings a simple, modern user interface that takes advantage of web services to deliver remote connectivity to security management teams, enabling them to monitor and oversee multiple remote facilities from anywhere in the world. The two can also work together to create a comprehensive security solution.


Scalability & Interoperability

Rapidly integrate many diverse devices and coordinate multiple resources and locations.

Location Intelligence

Visualize assets and threats in a common operating picture.

End-to-End Capabilities

Leverage the most comprehensive PSIM plus (PSIM+) incident management solution available.



Through a standard operating procedure (SOP) module, define step-by-step action plans.


Integrate diverse devices and data sources to reduce risk.


Monitor and control devices and track objects to detect possible threats.


Aggregate, correlate, and analyze information to determine appropriate action.


Respond to confirmed threats.Automatically create events in I/CAD for comprehensive incident management.

Intelligent Maps

Leverage our integrated GIS for comprehensive 2D and 3D views.


With Security Connect for Xalt, rapidly develop interfaces to applications, devices, and systems for reduced total cost of ownership.

Integraph Computer-Aided Dispatch

Software de gestão de incidentes, líder de indústria. 

BWI Airport

Maryland Aviation Administration integrates physical security management and dispatch systems to streamline multi-agency incident response at BWI Airport.

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority implemented an integrated solution for dispatch, alarms, video, and multiple agency interoperability that improves response times.