Intergraph Planning & Response

Manage the entire life cycle of major incidents and events.

Intergraph Planning & Response is an application for managing major incidents and events. It integrates and coordinates resources, procedures, and communications for individual agencies or across jurisdictions and tiers of command.

Intergraph Planning & Response comprehensively fulfills incident command system (ICS) requirements. It harnesses the collective capabilities of diverse responders and provides a single source of information throughout the entire life cycle for safe, efficient, and effective operations.


Single, Comprehensive Solution

Provides a unified solution for all agencies, needs, and stages of operation, including on-scene, in tactical operations centers and in EOCs.

Full Life Cycle Management

Delivers fast and efficient transfer of information between stages and maintains control, even in rapidly changing conditions.

Integrate Responders

Enables diverse groups of public and private-sector agencies to work as a cohesive team with common purpose, direction, and information.

Products & Capabilities

Unified Operational Information

Maintains dynamic and linked views of key operational elements and information, including common operating picture, organization charts, and action plans.

Document Library

Ensures all users can quickly access definitive versions of critical documents, such as standard operating procedures and site plans.


Enables users to monitor direct messages between individuals, chats, and external feeds, like weather reports.

I/CAD Integration

Seamlessly integrates with I/CAD and can support integration with third-party command and control systems.

Web & Mobile Access

Accessible via a web client or mobile app, making it easy to deploy and operate across diverse agencies and levels of command.

Flexible Reporting

Configure and adapt reporting to agency requirements. Supports tagging, filtering, and common export formats.

Remote Hosting

Deploy and host remotely in secure facilities or in the cloud to promote resilience.

Custom Workflows & Forms

Configure and customize workflows and forms to agency-specific requirements without the need for special coding or scripts.

Multi-System Interfacing

Integrates with communications, active directory, personnel, shift planning, GIS, GPS, video, and other systems.

The web-based approach helps us to integrate third parties including decentralized organizations on a case-by-case basis, all within the framework of overall rights management.

Günter Hohenberger

Head, Styrian Warning and Alarm Centre and

Kassel Fire Brigade

Kassel Fire Brigade deployed Hexagon’s emergency planning and response solution to help it mobilize action plans, visualize workflows, and coordinate efforts with agencies in the region.

G7 Summit

The Bavarian State Police and German Federal Police use computer-aided dispatch and response solutions for multi-agency coordination and collaboration.

Basel-Stadt Cantonal Police

Basel-Stadt Cantonal Police used Hexagon’s major incident and event application to ensure smooth operations and workflows during the 2016 UEFA Europa League final.