We partner with highly experienced and capable organizations to resell our products and jointly deliver solutions. By collaborating with these authorized distributors, we meet customer needs in local markets.

Antaragrafik provides international standard value-added expertise, specializing in leading-edge information technology solutions focusing on geospatial information, business processes, process engineering, and IT infrastructure. Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure and Leica Geosystems serve as the foundation of our core business solution.
Atheeb is a joint venture of Atheeb Trading Company, KSA, and Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure. It specializes in photogrammetry, cartography, GIS, digital cadasters, electronic document management systems, utility management systems, police and civil computer-aided dispatch, air defense systems, and intelligence systems.
Certeza is an industry leader in providing GIS solutions to various industries in the Philippines and abroad. Certeza specializes in data acquisition, data processing, imagery analysis and interpretation, hosting and delivering large datasets, as well as offering GIS system development and consultancy services.
Geospace International
Geospace International is a leading digital aerial photography and GIS/GPS/remote sensing solution provider that operates two large format digital mapping cameras, giving it unrivalled quality and production capability on the African continent. GeoSpace distributes Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure products in the Sub-Sahara African region.
IMGS is Ireland's leading supplier of spatial solutions for government, utility, and telecommunications industries. Its solutions enable customers to capture, manage, and embed spatial data and engineering documentation into enterprise information systems.
Intergraph Systems Southern Africa
A Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure distributor for 32 years, Intergraph Systems Southern Africa delivers software and services for the management and visual representation of complex and spatial information. It supports government and defense programs, as well as the following industries: transportation, utilities, communications, mining, and processing plants.
MappointAsia is a location-based technology-focused company focusing on earth observation satellite systems and imagery, mapping and GIS technology, turn-by-turn navigation data, and fleet management. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, the MappointAsia team has been serving Southeast Asia and Thailand for more than 20 years.
Mescioglu is a surveying and mapping company, and the only authorized distributor of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure solutions in Turkey. It provides GIS-based solutions and a wide range of engineering and consultancy services for surveying and mapping, field investigation, cadaster, remote sensing, infrastructure/utility design, and GIS design and implementation.
PT GeoInfo Teknologi
PT GEOINFO TEKNOLOGI is a private company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is a consultant and systems integrator for enterprise organizations and governments.
Rolta is an Indian multinational organization that provides innovative solutions in enterprise geospatial information, defense and homeland security, enterprise design and operations, and enterprise information technology.
Headquartered in São Paulo, SISGRAPH provides exclusive sales, consulting, implementation, and training services for all Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure products in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its technical team of more than 150 engineers and specialists has deep knowledge of Hexagon products, applications, and the markets they serve.
Tiger Consulting
Tiger Consulting specializes in creating world-class technology and applications outsourcing for utility companies, enterprises, and online business customers. It uses innovative engagement models, balancing a sophisticated understanding of business with a close attention to detail to custom-design services.
TruTech is a leading technology services provider, offering complete information technology solutions for customers in fields such as earth sciences, network management, and IT engineering.