Marin County Sheriff’s Office Upgrades Computer-Aided Dispatch System for Multi-agency Support

The Challenge

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Marin County is home to 250,000 people. The Marin County Sheriff’s Office operates the Marin County Public Safety Communications Center, which is the primary public safety answering point for most of the county. The center serves as the incident management and response hub for multiple police, fire, paramedic, and other government agencies in the county.

After 25 years of use, the sheriff’s office outgrew its computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system. To meet its growing regionalization and multi-agency dispatch needs, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office required a new CAD solution that would give it the ability to accommodate workflows and information specific for agencies it serves.

The Solution

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office selected Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure to implement a CAD system that would support its center’s technical and operational needs while serving the workflow and informational requirements of multiple response agencies.

Powered by Hexagon’s Intergraph Computer-Aided Dispatch (I/CAD) system, including mobile applications, dispatchers at the Marin County Public Safety Communications Center and responders in the field have a map-based view of calls, events, and units. With I/CAD, the sheriff’s office also has a system that seamlessly integrates with multiple third-party law enforcement and fire records management systems used by the various county and city departments. Notably, I/CAD enabled the center to consolidate the dispatching operations of one of the larger police agencies in the county, while permitting the police to keep their existing records system.

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