Enersource Streamlines Utility Operations Center with Advanced Distribution Management System

To efficiently manage its electric network and meet service reliability expectations of customers, Enersource combined outage management and distribution management capabilities to automate various network functions, streamline operations, and create an integrated operating model.

The Challenge

With 200,000 commercial and residential customers and an electrical system spanning 5,000 kilometers, Enersource is one of Ontario, Canada’s, largest electricity supplier.

Although Enersource consistently delivered service interruption durations below the Canadian utility average, the utility used various software and computer consoles to manage all operations. Its operators used different applications for GIS, SCADA, internal work processing, and many other systems for day-to-day electric grid management. This required operators to switch among multiple systems in the control room, which increased the complexity and time required to monitor and analyze network data.

Needing a more efficient way to control its electric grid and meet customer expectations for service reliability, Enersource required a GIS-based smart grid solution that would streamline the flow of network asset and operations information across the utility.

The Solution

Enersource implemented a fully integrated advanced distribution management system to improve operational efficiency. It worked with Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure and Siemens to integrate and automate various network assets and functions of its power grid with an integrated operating model (IOM).

The IOM combines Hexagon’s Intergraph InService with Siemens’ Distribution System Power Flow application to create an integrated command-and-control environment. The unified environment provides easily visualized, actionable intelligence manifested in the form of alarms, events, work orders, and other understandable activities, allowing for quick detection and remediation of outages and other potential issues.

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