Elk Grove Establishes Police Department Using Public Safety Suite

Having to establish its own police department, the City of Elk Grove implemented computer-aided dispatch, records management, and other public safety technologies to maintain police service quality and streamline operations.

The Challenge

Originally contracting its law enforcement services through the nearby Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, the City of Elk Grove, California, had to establishment its own independent city police department due to rapid urban growth. With only 18 months to become a standalone police department, the city needed a fully integrated solution for computer-aided dispatch (CAD), records management (RMS), mobile, and more.

Ease of use, interoperability, and the reputation and status of the company were at the top of the list when selecting a vendor. Because Elk Grove was a new police department, it had the opportunity to develop policies and procedures built around the industry’s best practices. Therefore, the department wanted full commercial-off-the-shelf functionalities without extensive customization.

The Solution

Elk Grove selected Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s suite of integrated public safety solutions for CAD, RMS, mobility, automated field reporting, and more.

During the implementation process, the Hexagon team provided system training to all levels of employees at Elk Grove PD, as all members of the department would contribute and/or consume data from these systems. Working under a tight deadline, Hexagon deliver these solutions within six months.

With Hexagon’s solutions, Elk Grove PD dispatchers and officers have around-the-clock access to accurate and up-to-date incident information.The department has been able to reduce response times and quickly share critical data with other law enforcement agencies in the area.

Having an integrated solution in place has streamlined Elk Grove’s operations, ensuring residents receive high-quality law enforcement services.

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