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Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Certificate Programs for HxGN LIVE 2018

Every year at HxGN LIVE, we offer certificate programs for many of our public and security and utilities and communication solutions. And this year is no exception. Full of curated hands-on training courses and key sessions, here's a look at the certificate programs we're offering at HxGN LIVE 2018.

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Brian Dunkle Wins Prestigious Texas NENA Award

Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure's Brian Dunkle, regional sales manager for Americas public safety, was awarded the TX-NENA President’s Award at the recent Texas Public Safety Conference in Galveston. Learn more about Brian's role and involvement with TX-NENA in this post.

How Transportation Organizations Keep Cities Safe

Protecting today’s cities and communities involves multiple organizations, not just first responders. For transportation departments and agencies, protecting the traveling public comes in many forms. We discuss and explore a few examples in this post.

Listen to Our Utilities and Communications Customers Tell Their Story at HxGN LIVE

Every year, we hear great feedback about our Customer Spotlight sessions from HxGN LIVE attendees. Where The Zone provides expert-guided demos of our solutions, our Customer Spotlight sessions deliver examples of how our solutions are solving challenges in the real world. Here’s a look at our Smart Infrastructure Customer Spotlight sessions for HxGN LIVE 2018.

Building Resilience into Your People, Processes, and Technology

Last week, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure participated in an industry panel at the Resilience Conference in Ottawa, Canada. In this post, Pamela Bernier provides her insights on the panel's discussion topics as well as how organizations can build resilience into people, processes, and technology.

How Snohomish County PUD Uses Intergraph G/Technology for Network Model Management

Discover how SnoPUD uses Intergraph G/Technology’s database-centric architecture for network model management. Learn more about how SnoPUD merges its as-built network with its as-operated model to make daily corrective measures to its services.

Utilities Make Safer Cities Possible

There are many moving parts to make a city safe, and utility companies make a large contribution to achieve that goal. In this post, we look at how utility companies educate citizens, work across multiple jurisdictions, and collaborate with community stakeholders to ensure safer cities.

Fiber Network Management 101: The Basics for Utilities

At DistribuTECH earlier this year, we encountered many utility companies asking some basic questions about fiber optic networks and associated technologies. In this post, we provide a primer and a sample of the topics we'll discuss in our upcoming webinar on April 25th.

HxGN LIVE Sessions Preview: Records Management and Analytics for Public Safety

Improve your agency's access to information, build a data-driven organization, and better manage your limited resources. Check out the records management and analytics sessions we’re offering at HxGN LIVE 2018.

How Two Real-Time Analytics Techniques Help Public Safety Agencies Predict the Future

Recently, we discussed how many public safety agencies are becoming data-driven decision makers. In this follow-on post, Pam Bernier talks to Chris Klimm about of how public safety agencies can immediately apply real-time data streams to analytics and machine learning.