Keynote Recap – Backstage Pass LIVE!

Kalyn Sims’ and Dan Retzer’s keynote, “Backstage Pass LIVE!,” made a big departure from their typical format. However, it reinforced many of the technical themes, roadmaps, and capabilities they’ve explored in past conferences.

While the keynote still delivered on product updates and technology roadmaps, as well as how these technologies fit into Hexagon’s Safe Cities vision, Sims and Retzer pulled back the curtain to reveal the talented people working behind the scenes to deliver Hexagon’s technology portfolios. These subject matter experts joined Sims and Retzer on stage to share their research, processes, and how they’re continually working to meet the growing needs of our customers. The keynote reiterated this narrative across several important topics, including cloud, mobility, data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous sensors, and more.

For the cloud, Sims and Retzer invited Daniel Maxson, technical director for the Intergraph OnCall suite of solutions. Maxson is responsible for the cloud evolution of Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s public safety products. He focused on the key objectives behind OnCall’s creation – new cloud-based technologies, better user experience, and using existing schemas. Maxson concluded his part by discussing upcoming capabilities in the OnCall suite, which will improve system administration, situational awareness, and public safety workflows.

Next was Waylon Kenning, product manager for Intergraph OnDuty, who joined Sims and Retzer to discuss his role leading and developing mobility technologies for Hexagon’s Safe Cities solutions. During his presentation, Kenning discussed the connected officer and Intergraph OnDuty, a new SaaS mobile platform for public safety agencies. Kenning also highlighted Hexagon’s efforts to bring mobility solutions to its utilities and communications customers.

Following Kenning’s presentation, Sims and Retzer took the opportunity to discuss Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s commitment to application security and adherence to industry standards for data privacy – standards like CJIS, GDPR, and others. They then segued into Jack Williams’ presentation on data analytics.

As product manager for Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s data analytics solutions, Williams was quick to acknowledge that organizations are rich in data, but poor with information. Big data has become too burdensome to manage. He discussed Safety & Infrastructure’s inroads in testing how embedded, real-time analytics could benefit public safety agencies and utilities and communications companies. Williams also hinted at a virtual assistant prototype that could be a future feature for certain core Hexagon product offerings.

Wrapping up the presentation and tech talent showcase was Skip Levert, technical director. Levert discussed research and development projects, as well as the innovative work that supports Hexagon’s Safe City strategy. He talked in detail about the cloud, city trends shaping Hexagon’s technology strategy, integrating disparate system, collaboration, and more. Levert also highlighted the new Xalt platform launched by Hexagon’s Innovation Hub, as well as some of the autonomous sensors and security solutions for HxGN SMART Command.      

Sims and Retzer ended their keynote by reiterating that the real “stars” of the show are Hexagon’s customers – the men and women who leverage our software to make our cities everywhere safer and more resilient. Look for more great things coming soon from Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.

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